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    Is J2 Business Services a scam??

    Who is using J2 Business Services and what is your experience? They did not deliver for me as I waited more than 2 months and I still did not get the service paid for. I requested a refund and was told by email and on my voice mail that I would receive a refund. They initially stated that my refund would take 7 to 10 days to process, 2 months later, no refund.

    I contacted the company and was told my refund was delayed, no !@$!! They stated that they would send me a check priority mail and I was okay with that and 3 weeks later, no check. I understand that mail could be slow but I also understand that priority mail is next day delivery and not 3 week to 3 month delivery.

    What is your experience with J2 Business Services? My exp. was less than good and their response to my enquiry has been less than bad, they have a hard time returning calls and the professionalism of said outfit is so below par, I'm surprised that they can stay in business. Is this consumer fraud as to pay and not get what one pays for? I know the answer and have given them more than enough time to rectify this and since they seemingly refuse to resolve this, I will have to make people aware of my exp, and share the experience(s) of others. I hope they make this right for those individuals who are dissatisfied with J2 Business Services. I will keep everyone up to date as to my issue being resolved and if it is, I will note it here.

    The individual(s) that I have been in contact with from the company would be Liz Soto and Josh Singerman Liz Soto left a very clear message on my voice mail stating that I would receive my refund within 24 to 48 hours and 3 weeks later, I'm still waiting. I spoke with her on the phone and she promised that I would receive a refund check, sent priority mail and no check received; must still be in the mail. :)

    Josh Singerman has been notified of my concerns and does not seem to care as his reaction and/or action is non existent. Their definition of 24 to 48 hrs must be doggy hours; it must mean 24 to 48 months.

    I don't know if J2 Business Services is a scam but perhaps someone here can enlighten me and others on this company. My exp. has been less than pleasurable and you would think that resolving this would be the right thing and just thing since it is. This should never, can never and must never happen to anyone else and my understanding is that this currently is the case.

    Anyone with any more information on J2 Business Services than fill me and others in; my exp. is bad!!

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    Re: Is J2 Business Services a scam??

    This is a scam unless someone has concrete proof (including evidence of documents of statistics showing the fall out retention ratio % of so to speak "high quality members" of every person who ordered using this service "J2Services" ) to see how many people are losing money here but they don't so everyone is being leaded by false promises without knowing. It seems like a total scam to rip of people from their hard earned money.

    A copious amount of marketers and people who use this service put their hard earned money into this service to receive clients by the call floor they provided where a rep closes them into this opportunity. More than 75% of people using this service are complaining as well about it. Why? Because, they "J2Services" promised to deliver their clients in a maximum amount of days of 65 or less when clearly they don't. The other 25% are on their way to realizing this horror while the other leaders I don't even count into this portion because they probably have something black hat to do with this..

    There are people who are waiting for over 100 days and also surpassed 150 days. Imagine waiting half a year folks for receiving your clients from a service that promises 65 days or less.

    That's not all..

    Not only they take half a year to deliver when they clearly stated 65 days or less but they say false promises such as high quality members when in realization most of these members don't even know what they are getting into. Many of these new people don't even know what they got into and quit so this makes the buyer lose all their money when they were promised high quality clients.

    Furthermore, we have members who can't get a refund because they don't get a reply thus making this service look even more unprofessional & has the name scam all over it.

    How would "WE" as people expect to succeed in a business when there's a service that has false info..

    Their has to be someone that will take action and put this people into there spot. Maybe in court?

    We will see.

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    Re: Is J2 Business Services a scam??

    I went to my bank in order to get a charge back from the funds spent with J2 Business Services and was told that I can't make a dispute as its more than 60 days.

    I was told in writing and on a voice mail message that my refund check was going to be sent within 24 to 48 hours and this was about a month ago. I have been requesting a refund since 8/28 and was told your refund is being processed, its on its way and other non truths.

    I got on a business conference call with J2 Business Services and Josh Zuker stated that he will not honor any refund requests. It's clear that Josh Zuker does not care much about the word of his company and the seeming lack of integrity. If anyone is told a lie than anything that comes out of their mouth from that moment forward is a lie.

    The one thing that I have is my word and if you lose that, you have nothing. J2 Business Services clearly does not care about its reputation. If they promise something than its only right to honor that word and do what is right based on the original word or promise of a refund.

    In this case, for J2 Business Services to now state, "sorry not going to honor our word and so sad, so bad; this is BS. It's not like they don't have a record of my requests for a refund and I have Liz Soto who J2 Business Services put out there unfairly it seems to handle requests that she could not handle. She either was lied to by her finance department and told that I would receive this refund or she knowingly lied.

    Josh Singerman remains mute on the subject and Josh Zuker just puts out there for everyone to hear that he really could have just filed bankruptcy and walked away from this. He is claiming to be a bigger man and will handle this but to not honor your companies word to issue a refund is poor business and to not get service paid is consumer fraud at its worse.

    I will continue to keep everyone up to date on anything that transpires and if I get my refund as promised than I will also make this known. At this point in time, Josh Zuker has made it known that his word means nothing as he will not honor refunds.

    If you're looking at these people in order to do business in the future, please do your homework as my exp. with J2 Business Services and everyone named was less than poor. I will be back when I hear more and I hope it will be positive news from J2 Business Services instead of coming back and stating that my original thoughts were correct and J2 Business Services does lack integrity and for you to stay clear; more to come and I hope again that it will be positive news from J2 Business Services.

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