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    Worst preachers ever





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    Re: Worst preachers ever

    Hi to all, just watched the video obtainable through the above links called "10 interesting questions," or something to that effect, which purportedly bestows upon us 10 reasons for being an atheist, or at least for rejecting belief in the Christian God. The video is affiliated, I believe, with a website called "Why Won't God Heal Amputees.com."

    In the above video, the narrator's anti-Christian bias is transparent. He makes ridiculous assertions in an attempt to refute the Christian faith, such as the notion that the Bible encourages a literal ingestion of the material body and blood of Jesus, as though this assertion proves that the Bible promotes cannibalistic pagan rituals.

    This allegation is infantile. Jesus often spoke in symbolic language. This would be obvious to any unbiased student of Biblical theology. But this narrator, in his zeal to discredit the Christian faith, has apparently abandoned objectivity in his analysis of Biblical teaching. Perhaps he would also have us believe that Jesus saw Himself as a literal vine, a literal door, and a literal loaf of bread!

    The narrator repeatedly informs us that ANY counter-argument to his assertions is to be automatically classified as a "weird" or "convoluted" or "irrational" excuse for the Christian God. This approach has no persuasive force, but is merely an editorial comment designed to preempt any intelligent rebuttal.

    A detailed refutation of all ten questions in this video would require an article-length treatment. Suffice it to say that this video represents a profound insult to, not only Christians, but also to anyone who respects objective, rational, intelligent discussion of theological issues.

    All the best, Rob.

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