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    Low-Stress Income

    Hey out there,

    Has anyone been signed up with lowstressincome.com in the past. It is a free site and they sell how2books.

    I signed up the first part of this year. I liked their products and was promoting them, but recently they have partnered with Plugin PRO Site.

    They sent out emails to all of their affiliates yesterday stating we HAD TO BUY the LowStress Training Guide or (1)have previous sales or (2) have signed up with Plugin PRO Site or they will be dropped from the affiliate program.

    Have you ever heard of this coming from an online affiliate program?

    I dropped out because it should be my choice if I want to buy their guide even if I have no sales. I have plenty of views to their affiliate page but no sales and I do not want to sign up with Plugin PRO Site.

    Could I get some comments on this?

    Thanks gang.

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    Re: Low-Stress Income

    That happens on a fairly regularly basis with affiliate programs. They are trying to maximize revenue from their affiliates and drop the dead wood. The logic they are using being; If you are producing sales or buying the product you are generating revenue for them. If you are not they don't want you.

    If you are looking for some simple ways to make a couple of bucks every month for free there are some things on my site in my profile.

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