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    What do you know?

    Does anyone know much about this AmeriPlan Company? I came across a Web site stating that it is a scam. I have a sister-in-law who signed a contract for $25 a month with htis company. Thanks for any info you are wiling to share.

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    Re: What do you know?

    Hmmm... are you interested as a customer or a rep? If as a customer, IF you can find a provider in your area, you may save a little $. Maybe a whole 20%, which usually a customer can negotiate with the dr. anyway without Ameriplan's help.

    As a rep, it costs too much $ and takes about 10 times more hours than they will tell you. And do not ever believe the income claims... they are grossly inflated. The real money comes from recruiting.

    I would pass on both!

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