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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Who's seen a Reptillian then?

    So have I seen a reptile? I have! :eek:
    I live in Australia, and if reptiles are a reality, then you know that oz is packed. What I experienced twice.

    First time it came out of nothing. looked as if it bent light to hide it self but something went wrong and i could see it. It looked like the Predator in camo- mode. see through like water. and moved strangly and very fast.

    2nd time was a sudden glimpse of what seemed reptile to me (businessmen walking into buildings) but then everything back to normal. I am sure that I saw someone lose the hold on her shape and shift into something that was actually evil. So I know that shape shifting happens and that it is getting harder and harder for people to hold true to form.

    I see this largely related to Pluto on the Galactic Center and the past few years have been particularly interesting relative to people who try to seem very normally human (if not love and lighters) just not be able to hold it together. The “colder” reptilian attributes are becoming hard to hide. These include an aversion to genetic “impurity” ritual and hierarchy becoming something desperately clung to, along with a distinct lack of compassion and empathy. Also, an ability to appear very together and sociable, but don’t turn your back….
    The world is getting harsher and less friendly in many ways.

    Don’t mean to sound harsh, but it is a reality I am seeing and with it a more distinct polarization. In times past I could mingle with just about anybody in any group. That is getting more difficult if these energies exist…maybe next to impossible.
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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Who's seen a Reptillian then?

    these vampirish forces feel more and more confident about coming out into the daylight to search for their victims. As the world spins toward greater chaos and the forces of change accelerate, the confusion and disruption that ensue are a fertile breeding ground for negativity, which gives the psychic vampires and others a feeling of safety in numbers and in what they presume to be their anonymity - ther don't think that anyone sees them. At the same time others of us are developing greater visionary skills and sensitivity, psychic or claivoyant skills that enable us to see behind these veils. What we see isn't nice.

    It seems to be true that by opening ourselves up to view these negative energies we could also make ourselves easier prey to them, unless we're careful.Michael Tsarion "Psychic Vampirism" site http://www.psychicvampirism.com/ as well as www.stuartwilde.com

    I think it helps to understand what those forces are; also, I think that, as they are spreading their virus around quite openly now - and as some of us can see the energy leaking through very obviously - that protection from it is really paramount. The first way is to clear out - the way it used to be done by shamans - all the infected psychic energy. I think this can be partly done by energy centring using hatha yoga techniques and others; but mainly by absolute honesty.
    Also take a look at this interesting technique.
    Laughter is fundamental because they are too ego-obsessed, these entities, and work through ego-worship and self-obsession in their victims; so that by laughing at them they have no answer (as laughter is denial of the ego, of course, saying that everything that appears to be so big on the outside is really nothing) I also feel that the forces we are dealing with are likely to react spitefully and aggressively, to cast a web of lies or attacks ,as that stimulates precisely the negative vibration that they love the most. So it's essential never to react to their deceitful games. Only by believing their tricks can we become their slaves (which is what they want). We are free of all that (spiritually at least). Free yourself inwardly. Be honest with your own involvement with whatever has led you into the pattern

    And it will not hurt you again. The vampire goes in search of victims that are drawn towards its dark games. See them for what they are. A deeply hidden part of our darkest pysche, an inflicted trauma that was brought about in chaotic past times in humanity's early growth, just as we were reaching adolescence. Those forces feed off childish fears and of course want to make us remain afraid as children - by targeting children everywhere (and the little child in all of us) - but "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, reasoned like a child; when I became an adult, I did away with childish things."
    Childhood is very much under the control of lunar forces, that are designed to shape our emotions. Look at the position of the moon in your natal chart and learn from all its hard and soft apects. In every way it causes disruption. Be honest about that, and the things that the moon has drawn into your circle; that is it's purpose: to hold you and tease you with fears and illusory apprehensions. It works especially with the inner planets (Mars, Venus, Mercury, which act as physical energy-dispensers and disruptors of communication) Then look at the outer planets, which are there to help raise our vibration to higher levels of power and insight. By breaking the hold of the inner planets and understanding the more protective and instructive role of the outer ones, we can release ourselves.

    Use crystals to protect yourself, especially pink and orange quartz, topaze, olivine (by itself) and labradorite. They will sacrifice themselves for you and protect your own aura as well as the environment you live in. Finally, Rhodochrysite; this mineral has been called a "stone of love and balance", providing balancing and love on all levels for all bodies. It contains a pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power on the universe, the power of love.

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