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    Typing 4 Dollars

    Does anyone know anything about this company?

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    Re: Typing 4 Dollars

    im going to assume that you mean typing 4 dollars is typing4dollarsdotcom I have not had any personal experience with this website, but the thing that puts me off about them is how they say we need 147 people and the number rapidly drops as you are on the page, but when you refresh it goes back to 147. Also the title of the page is 147 people needed now.

    So just based on that the site looks a little shady, but other than that i have had no personal experience with them.
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    Re: Typing 4 Dollars

    typingfordollars.com is not in use

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    Re: Typing 4 Dollars

    If you are talking about the typing 4 dollars w/ some one named gavin then don't bother. It's just a waste of money, you can learn the same stuff for free. I bought it and luckily got my money back, but after reading through the PDFs I was just like "where is the data entry part????"
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    Re: Typing 4 Dollars

    I had the same experience as kurro07, bought it and then got my money back.
    :cool: Dw

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    Re: Typing 4 Dollars

    This one got me typing for Dollars! It was only ten bucks.

    Advertising removed again!
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