this friday should turn out to be the biggest IPO of the year and among the top 5 ever. Blackstone Private Equity, a powerhouse of a private equity firm, is going public to raise some serious cash, and raising cash is something they know how to do. famous for gobbling up businesses, gutting them and then in turn releasing an IPO on them or just selling them after adding value, they have been at the forefront of major acquisitions for the past year and a half. earlier this year they broke their own record for the largest private buyout ever.

If you want to earn some money from the stock market, i suggest picking up some shares. they should be selling for about $30 a pop. im scraping together whatever i can for it, and screw capital gains, i may just cash out early on this one. the ticker is BX.

and no, i dont work for them or am associated with them in any way, i just think its a good investment!