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    Lexcoat Amg Roof Failures

    Here are two photos of complete roof coating failures in Windsor, Ontario. This application was done by AMG in 2009. The roof deck has been damaged as a result and extensive repairs were needed to seal the roof. This is only one of many examples of similar failures by this company.
    The material used to coat this roof was absolute garbage. Avoid this organization at all cost.

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    Re: Lexcoat Amg Roof Failures

    This is only one of many jobs these idiots have done. I also have a roof that had to be torn up and redone by a reputable company that kept their word. Unlike this idiot Torsten Klassen of A.M.G. Specialty Coatings. He is special.

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    Re: Lexcoat Amg Roof Failures

    Wow thanks for the proof. You are doing a service letting the public know about these people.

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    Re: Lexcoat Amg Roof Failures

    Torsten Klasen is a big scamming fat liar....

    He knows that his roofing method doesn't work. but he has found a way to lure the unsuspecting client into his dangerous cheating web....

    By the time the client finds out, it is much too late and thousands of Dollars have changed hands and are lost......

    I'm Torstens brother and I was working with him on flat roofs.....
    I resigned my position with him a few years ago because of his cheating, dishonest ways.....

    99 % of his claims about all his building systems are LIES.....and that's not exaggerated.

    I know every detail of his scamming ways.

    There is no invention of any sort on his part......

    Nothing is environmentally friendly, or Energy Star approved, or patent pending, or German Technology,
    Nothing is life time guaranteed, in fact he doesn't even return for warranty work.

    Once he's got your money, he's gone.....

    And there is really not much anyone can do about it, he told me so, and he is right.....

    You can take him to court but you can't get your money back, even if you get judgement against him.....
    That's how our justice system often works....

    Tosten KLASEN is glowing for joy about the fact that not one person has ever succeeded in retrieving any money from him.

    Torsten Klasen made sure that he has no equity in anything.....that wasn't very hard to do because he went bankrupt....
    Torsten in his own words bragged to me that he was fined 50,000 Dollars by the federal Government and did not pay a penny.

    He told me that even his Hummer is not in his name.......

    He deals largely in cash, which is not traceable, unless he cashes cheques up to 20,000 Dollars at Money Mart.
    He told me that Money Mart can't be audited by the federal Government......

    I watched him cashing a 20,000 Dollar cheque at Money Mart....

    I was also with him at many other occasions at Money Mart, waiting in the car....

    The best way is to avoid him, or else you might have a bad experience with him

    He bragged to me that he fired over 300 people within a couple years which he had employed...

    I worked with him when he had almost 50 people working on hid construction sites.....

    I watched everyone leave or being fired without being paid all the money owed to them......

    Most of these people lost more than 10 and 15,000 Dollars.....
    I was one of them.....

    I fell victim to him several times, because I trusted him again and again.

    Torsten Klasen is searching for me and my wife to take revenge for what I'm revealing about him and his scams....

    He calls me once in a while and threatens me with death, but it is hard to prove this....
    I have made many reports to the police about it, but very little can be done.

    Torsten has threatened many people.

    I know only of one person who managed to get a restraining order against him in Belle River.....

    Torsten is in my opinion a 100 % Psychopathic THIEF and LIAR.........

    I have written down over 300 of his LIES

    Check out his Windsor fire on the internet.....with his flamable, rated explosive, toxic roof coating.

    There is nothing water based about it, believe me..

    This is the link -


    If anyone is hard pressed to get more detail about this scammer, you can email me and ask.



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