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    Immigration by the numbers...

    My friend, Stephen Pizzo, www.newsforreal.com sent this to me. It's very interesting.

    __________________________________________________ _________
    If all the information you are getting on the current immigration flap comes from pundits on the right and left, you are probably confused. At the very least you've been misled.

    The left sees uncontrolled immigration as some kind of divine right. The right sees liberal immigration rules (and/or non-enforcement) as a way to insure a surplus of cheap labor in order to keep wages low and to render workers powerless to change that.

    In reality immigration is a simple budgeting issue. Take money -- the more you print of the stuff the less it's worth. Which is precisely why the Federal Reserve's job is to control the money supply in order to maintain a reasonably stable, productive and predictable value structure. Without controls on the money supply the economy would become a fiscal version of Mad Max.

    The same goes for immigration. Here's the bottom line: It's not about the immigrants -- it's about the numbers, stupid.

    Watch this short video to the very end. Then pass it along to others. And while you're at it, send the link to your members of Congress, if for no other reason to let them know that you know -- you vote, and you have long memories.


    This is an eye opener.

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    Re: Immigration by the numbers...

    kick a$$ :D Thank You!!!

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