Ecological textile textile industry trends into a promoting point. The face of fierce market competitors, irrespective of whether it truly is the top textile sector is still developing businesses, will shift the concentrate of innovation and ecological textile solution areas, various textile enterprises have increased the ecological textile product development and investment. Therefore, different sorts of exquisitely created, environmentally friendly fabrics,Equipment North Face, functional intimate textile solution soon after a further, for the textile market has brought a fresh wind. Not too long ago, DuPont, Donghua University and Hoi Hing Building Materials Technologies Co., Ltd. co-sponsored the "ecological textile Healthier Living - Biomass Shu elater innovative solutions press conference" held in Beijing. The conferences theme is "ecological textile & healthful life", focusing on the ecological textile item innovation Shu elater. It can be reported that the main raw material comfort elater Sorona, is DuPonts new bio-based polymers. Hai Xing Technologies is Sorona as raw material for the first time made with Sorona application value of elastic staple Weishu elater business. Hai Xing Technologies Chairman Ouyang Bonham introduction, Shu elastic silk with cotton, wool, silk, linen, rayon, silk, polyester and other kinds of textile raw components blended arbitrarily, neither change the original material superiority, but also original fiber gives better performance, such as comfort, moisture absorption, anti-wrinkle and so on. Moreover, Shu elater a soft, fluffy, resilience and delicate silk-like texture perfect combination, which brings excellent properties of biomass sense of skin-friendly, so that users can generate a comfortable and enjoyable new experience. With comfortable elastic silk production textile fabrics, feel fine, plump, good drape, elegant luster and comfortable elasticity. Shu elater natural "3D" structure provides a continuous permanent filler bulkiness, can be prolonged pressure and vacuum environments without deformation. Shu elater of these properties for the development of eco-textile solutions provides a new selection of raw supplies. Shu elastic silk spinning and dyeing can adapt to many conditions, producing arbitrary specifications of merchandise, textile fabric development to provide more possibilities for creative designers left infinite space. Meanwhile, with comfortable elastic silk filled pillows and mattress with excellent comfort and slow resilience, the human body can provide both soft and uniform support for the head and neck to provide comprehensive care. As living standards improve, peoples consumption concept has also changed, for textile products quality and fashion degree increasingly demanding. Through technological innovation gives a higher value-added textile goods, so that the perfect combination of health and fashion, a large number of textile enterprises in this regard in the beneficial exploration. Pleasant fragrance launch textile finishing series of textile products bring consumers the dual tactile feel and smell; Violet was born successfully developed textile machines, for consumers in a more comfortable and wholesome sleep experience; has been known for dimensional textile technology Branch textile launched warm sleeping Kang series, the use of advanced production technologies, raw material processing to green bedding, give the consumer to create a safe, comfortable and healthy atmosphere. The business believes that, with the growing realization of the importance to improve the quality of life, consumer demand for high quality textile products to enhance the synchronization. The so-called high-quality items not only means exquisite technologies, the need to have more functionality, will be the ability to improve the quality of life. Chinese consumers are increasingly concerned about the health of textile solutions, technology textile merchandise. It can be said, through science and technologies to improve the quality of life and quality of textile merchandise have become the future direction of improvement, a trend that is worth the entire textile industry attention. Author