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Thread: paid surveys

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    paid surveys

    Are there any legitamite paid surveys. Could you give me 2 that actually make money. I get tired of filling out a survey & they want u to buy something.

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    Re: paid surveys

    Never join survey panels that charge sign-up fees. Also, don't join survey clubs. There's a website URL in my signature that reveals how survey scams operate, and the tactics they employ. Check it out sometime.
    The Paid Online Survey Center
    Discover the best and worst paid survey panels

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    Re: paid surveys

    This is a quote from your website in bold:

    "To demonstrate my lack of bias, I posted no referral links below!"

    Considering all of your links are affiliate links, (e.g. ...opinionoutpost.com/join?affiliateId=af2597-276X) how would you go about justifying that statement?

    Why don't you simply admit to the referral links? I don't care about signing up through someone's link if they're honest and have done a good job with their website.


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    Re: paid surveys

    I don't know about this one, but I know of an opportunity that has been around for over 17 years and provides excellent income, training and support. For more information, visit www.PowerToProduceWealth.biz and www.SixFigureIncomeSchool.com. Learn how to change YOUR financial future at these website links! I did and it changed my life!

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