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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest


    I'm not certain how familliar the members on this board are with the work of Myron C. ***an, the man who started all of this talk about the Illuminati in the 1960's. Any debate on this topic should start by examining ***an's original recordings exposing the Illuminati/CFR.

    The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations

    By Myron C. ***an

    Myron ***an recorded his exposé on the Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations in the late 1960's on three LP Records. Here is his lecture in six parts representing each side of those Records in MP3-audio format.

    MP3 - all six parts (40kb/s - 43MB)

    PDF Transcript (226K)

    read part of that Myron C. ***an article. i'll have to finish the read later but he makes some interesting points and links and incorporates like all the other secret societies which is interesting. if illuminati means secret society then wouldn't it make sense to be a part of ALL the secret societies or at least as many as you could 'infiltrate'?

    i'll have to run checks on Myron's references, at least he cited some of them gonna go to sleep soon but i look forward to a reply Ry. i still can't totally rule out the existance of the illuminati yet, but i'm also not gonna be obsessing over it either

    Two of the most telling things for me were that while the interview was given in 1967, he accurately predicts the WW3 will be started by America "fomenting the tensions between the Zionists and the Muslim world."

    He also accurately predicts that there will be false flag terror attacks upon America by it's own government to induce a state of mind conducive to the idea of war in the Middle East.

    I used to be a fervent believer in the Illuminati and do still occasionally use the name but for me it is more of an umbrella term used to describe the people who direct world events from behind the scenes.

    The Illuminati was created by Adam W, Im sure you are well aware.

    Adam W was a Jesuit.
    Adam W created the Illuminati as an invisible arm of the Jesuits.
    During his time the Jesuits gathered a nasty reputation for infiltration and had been forced out by most civilised societies.

    In the late 18th-early 19th centuries, Freemasonry was popular (as were many fraternal organizations), and its most significant opponent, the Roman Catholic Church, opposed its open support for freedom of religion and enlightenment ideals.

    Enter Adam Weishaupt, who created the Illuminati in 1776 to infiltrate the American Freemasonry.

    Adam W claimed hewas no longer with Jesuit Society, but it is far more likely that he remained loyal and created a sister organization that would be free of her tarnished image. The Illuminati in essence was just a subsidiary of the Jesuits, although its participants had no idea for the most part. But the enilightened ones served Adam W and Adam W served the Black Pope.

    So Adam W created the Illuminati to infiltrate such groups as the Freemasons without the Illuminati or masons realizing that it was really Jesuits behind it all. Much like how the Mossad and CIA uses the orgainziations like the ISI so that Al-Qaeda patsies dont know they are really doing business with the devils they are sworn against.

    The Jesuits also created all the cool ism's... Zionism, Nazism, Communism...
    They created the communist party from the begining as an attempt to bring the Czar of Russia down.
    And supposedly the Mad Monk Rasputin may have been a Jesuit agent working to undermine the Czar.

    And we know now of the Catholic Churches complicity to the crimes being commited by the Nazi party, hell Hitler wouldnt have rose to power if it were not for the Catholic Church and the Nazi supporters here in the states, like the Bush family.

    So while people are wrong to say that Illuminati is responsible for the worlds troubles, they still are partially right. As the Illuminati was created by those that really are at the source of all the trouble. The Jesuits.

    Zionism is one of the final layers, but its not the last.
    The very last layer is the Black Pope and his Jesuit soldiers.

    Zionist is just like the Illuminati.
    Its not really an organization, its more of a classification of a group of people and their mindset, a political movement. But it goes deeper than politics. Jewish Zionists, and Im speculating, are being led for the most part by Jews who may have accepted Chirst as their messiah and are knowingly or unknowingly working on behalf of the Catholic Church.

    I mean we do have a president who thinks god speaks to him and that the end of the world is here. Look up Rolling Stone, Tim Lehay and Bush and see if you can find the article on Bush that shows how he was chosen to be president by these creepy Apocalyptical wishful thinkers.

    If you have ever seen the re-release of the Manchurian Canidate, Zionists are like Meryl Streeps character, doing their evils for what they think is the greater good. But where do Zionists get their diehard ideals? From their church leaders.

    Jewish Zionists couldnt have pulled off 9/11, only the corrupt Christian/ Catholic *******s in charge of this government could have.
    The Jewish Zionists did however know of this plot, and may have even helped engineer it at the highest levels.

    But at the very highest level who could have authorized it? Not by a guy like Ariel Sharon.
    The Jesuits control our government, but all the blame falls on Israel. Just like how Bush blamed the bad intel on the Brits. All evidence is going to point to Israel and the invisible hand behind the scense will go unnoticed.

    But they really dont like the Jews much more than the Arabs if you looked at the Jesuit oath, which states...

    in order to further their cause they are to become so lowly as to become a Jew so they may preach from their pulpit.

    And thats exactly what they did. That is where Zionism came from.
    Compare these supposed protocols of Zion to the Jesuit oath, its either plagarism, or the Jesuits wrote it themselves, either to cause anti-semitism at the time, or the protocols or a variation of it does really exist, in which case it was still in all likelyhood written by the Jesuits.

    Another is to rip the baby of the infidels from their mothers wombs and smash their skulls.
    Praise Jesus.

    Now if we want to talk real names of the individuals involved in 9/11 lets start with Jerome Hauer, Stephen Hatfield, KROLL, AIG, Mayor G, Cheney, Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, Libby and Rummy.

    Key names of individuals and corporations involved in 9/11....(in no particular order)

    Marsh and McClellan
    Jerome Hauer
    Stephen Hatfield (Anthrax)
    George Bush (both, Jr to a lesser degree.)
    Dick Cheney
    Don Rumsfeld
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Perle
    Douglas Feith
    Scooter Libby
    Mayor Giuliani
    Hammerin Hank Greenberg
    British Intelligence
    Huffman Aviation
    Wally Hilliard
    Personel in the FAA
    Larry Silverstein
    Several banking institutions like the BCCI
    Heads of Counter-Terrorism
    Whomever placed the put options
    The companies involved in the hundreds of millions of credit card fraud leading up to the attacks.

    Most of this evidence can be seen in 1 film...

    So it would be sort of redundant for me to link everything all nice and pretty. Just go, watch and take notes. Then tune in to 9/11 Synchronicity, hell call in. Call Richard Grove, he can lay it all out for you much better than I. He will probably steer clear of the Jesuit connection for now, but he got the best grasp on all of this than anyone else I have come across.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Illuminati

    The Mossad was in the towers prior to 911. (posing as art students and urban movers) Fox pulled a 4 part report on the large Israeli spy ring.

    The Mossad was caught on the day of 911 cheering and had a hit with the bomb sniffing dogs in their van which had an address of a moving company on in in New Jersey that ended up being a empty wearhouse whose owner fled to Israel.

    Atta had a double and was seen on the Zionist Jack Abarmoff:s casion ships on Sep 5th. PNAC was written by the same people who wrote the Israel Clean Break papers. They also overlap with the people in the CFR and they practially are all Jewish too (25 out of 27).

    Silverstien another Jewish Zionist was the new owner of the WTC buildings. He was in on it.

    The Anthrax letters that came after the attack said death to Israel and Death to America. The Evidence however showed the Anthrax could have only come from three places because of its caliber, Israel, the US or Russia. They tried to blame it on an Egyptian but they messed up their story.

    Someone tried this before in 1993 during the first WTC bombing where an Egyptian patsy recorded his conversations with the FBI who were telling him to go park the van and it was only a drill.

    Israel also pulled a false flag operation in the Lavon affair but their plot was foiled. Israel also attacked the USS Liberty and tried to blame that on Egypt as well, but there were survivors so that story din:t work either and they changed their story and said they attacked the US ship by mistake. Yeh right with unmarked planes.

    AIPAC (Israel's largest lobby) has been caught red handed spying on the US and their court date is set for October yet the date has been moved three times. Don't confuse that with the ADL spying or the Fox New Report on an Israeli spy ring this is a THIRD spy ring.

    The OSP a nearly all Jewish faction in the DOD is who fabricated evidence od WMDs to start a war with Iraq something they called for in PNAC.

    Lewis Libby who is Jewish and a PNAC author ousted the CIA agent Valarie Plame and by doing so also her front company BJA and all the agents who used it, in order to destroy our ability to track Uranium. This was to try and cover up the lies about the acquistion of Uranium. He has resigned.

    We got concrete evidence of a forgery concerning the claims that Iraq tried to buy yellowcake Uranium from Niger.

    The information AIPAC was stealing pretained to Iran and we all know it is ISRAEL calling the loudest for a war with Iran.

    Want some names?

    Who wrote PNAC?

    PNAC was first written in Israel. It was Paul Wolowittz, Richard Perle, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, Bill Kristal (CFR) and Elliot Abrams (CFR) Aaron Friedberg also (CFR) Donald Kagan (CFR) Robert Kagan(CFR) Stephen Rosen (the AIPAC employee caught spying on the US!!) Eliot A. Cohen (The guy saying the Walt/Mearsheimer papers on APIC are Anti-Semitic), Paula Dobriansky, Fred C. Ikle, and Norman Podhoretz, All Zionists and all Jewish. That's not anti-Semetic it's just the truth and what that means is they have dual citizenship and put the another nation's interests ahead of the US.

    We can see what Israel is doing in Lebanon and how they pan to drag us all into a wider war once the international force arives Israel will spark up another war to spill over into Syria and Iran.

    How can you NOT see the Zionist face on all of this. They wrote what they planned on doing and then they did it.

    The Mossad is not the Zionists that is like saying the CIA is the Neocons. Zionism is greater than the Mossad. And Zionists were conducting war games. And My theory is not "the zionists" , it's the Neocons AND the Zionist camarilla. There are people in the MIC who went along with the war in Iraq to profit from it. They have overlapping interest with the Zionist. But they were not the same as those who rigged 911. You also dont have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. Jeb and George Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are not Jewish but they are Born Again Christian types who tow the Zionist line for nobody support Zionist more than Protestant Christians.

    Also the Federal Reserve and the WTO are both headed by Jewish Zionists. The Rothchilds family everyone like to talk about is also Jewish and also Zionist they were key in the creation of the Israeli state.
    LBJ killed JFK on behalf of the MIC and warmongers JFK fired from the CIA. It was LBJ who allowed Israel to attack and US ship to try and justify a war in the Middle East on Israel's behalf. Zionism is older than 1870. It's been around since Biblical times of Samson killing 1000 Philistines (Palestinians). Before the Catholic Church or Christianity even existed.
    I dont think it really matters what you would call anyone...whether it be Illuminati (they do exist. I used to know a woman from New York who was one...) or Zionists or whatever...evil is evil. When one does wrong knowingly which will harm or kill others he might as well be a follower of the devil. Following in the footsteps of evil is doing satans work. Planning a demolition of a building while understanding that many people will thus be sacrificed in order to put ones plan of action into place is the doctrine of lucifer.
    I dont honestly feel swayed by where they worship or even if they worship, there is way more going on than we are seeing...there was a band named Diamond Reo, out of Pittsburgh back in the seventies and one of their hits was called, "Aint what you say, its what you do" in which Frank Tyker sang, "Well she took my money, and blew away my time. New me on long distance only when it was my dime. I sucked on each and every word. How could I be so blind? Talk is cheap and someday she's gonna find...oh its true. It aint what you say, its what you do..."
    Pointing fingers and fabricating fables went out with the brothers Grimm.
    When will president Bush do anything praiseworthy for the common people? It takes integrity to understand what is right and what is wrong. I believe that Bush was always the wimp who let other stronger personalities chart his course for him. Unfortunately it is still going on.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Illuminati

    Religious Zionism, which is what we are up against, didnt come into play till the early 1900s. You can say its been around for 3,000 years, but thats just the mentality that Israel should have its own nation, which is what Zionism is defined as.
    So sure its been around for a very long time, just like the Muslim Religion, but it was not untill recently that the radical fundamentilst version came into being.
    PNAC and its Zionist members, PNAC came from the New American Citizen Project that was created by our current Drug Czar, or should I say Drug Kingpin, cause thats what the Bushs Drug Czars are.

    Look into daddy Bushs Drug Czar during his first term, he had a multi million dollar Vega habit.

    They scale back money for prevention and treatment and send the money from the War on Drugs to ensure the CIAs shady drug trade.
    Atta is a current day Barry Seal. In all probablity is still alive and still smuggling drugs.

    But Im getting ahead of myself.

    The Israel Zionists would not orchestrate a 9/11 without the expressed consent of the NEO-CONs.

    Im not saying Zionists arent guilty, Im saying they are partners with the NEO-CONs and the dark cabal of the Catholic Church, joined together for common goals.

    The Zionists would not be so bold as to risk their cozy relations with the US, they must have had the NEO-CONs approval.

    It was just like with the USS Liberty, we wanted it to be sunk and we had Israel do it so that it could be blamed on Egypt. Thats why we didnt want it investigated, because they attack us for us.

    Yes Silverstein is guilty and the Sears tower is next, he bought it back in 04.
    And yes the FBI had a hand in the 93 bombing of WTC and supplied Salem with a live bomb when they could have just as easily gave a decoy.

    As for the Anthrax attack look up Stephen Hatfield and Jerome Hauer. THEY DID IT. After Hatfield was pinned as the prime suspect was when the Russian and Eqyptian were touted as possible suspects. USAMRIID Fort Detrick Maryland and the SAIC. Military grade Anthrax and the place was demolished by guess who? Controlled Demolitions Inc.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that Zionists were heavily involved.
    Im not contesting that.
    I just dont think they played any bigger of a role than the NEO-CONs did and I think it was authorized by this Black Pope. Who commands the army of Jesus.

    Dont you think its very possible that the NEO-CONs and the Jewish Zionists are so cozy because the Jewish Zionists in question have accepted Jesus as their messaiah?
    Thats the definition of a Christian Zionist, a Christian that believes the state of Israel is biblical prophecy and that they commonly believe that to fullfill prophecy a significant number of Jews will accept Christ as their personal savior.

    So if you believe that the NEO-CONs are Christian Zionists, and the Jewish Zionists are recieivng these massive donations to Israel, wouldnt the common belief be if you want to get in good with the powers that be to accept their dogma?

    And to whom do the NEO-CONs or Chrisitan Zionists serve?
    The radical section of the Church.

    Opus Dei is real, Jesuits are real.
    They are in very high places of power in our government, heads of CIA, FBI, members of the Supreme Court etc.
    These people take an oath every year that abolishes all other oathes they may have taken.
    They are what JFK tried to warn about in a little heard of speech just before he died. He said our enemy today relies on infiltration instead of invasion, he was refering to the CIA and secret socieities like the Jesuits.
    He new the score and they killed him for it.
    The order was given by the Black Pope which was relayed by 1 Cardinal Spellman from NY. The CIA was used naturally. E Howard Hunt and all that, George Bush Sr as well. He was in Dallas that day and he did meet with Hoover the following day about the incident. Even though he claimed being named the CIA director he had no ties with the CIA. Even though he was a Bone brother to the recruiter and pops was good friends with the CIA creator Allen Dulles. And he did run an offsore oil drilling company, which was a CIA front, called Zapata Oil 30 miles off the coast of Cuba.

    So if you are counting Bush, Cheney, Hauer, Hatfield and company as Zionists then I guess I agree with you to a degree, but who do the Zionists answer to?

    I think its a simplified answer and that a darker and even more sinister cabal are pulling their strings, but yes Zionists are very guilty.

    Do you know why Alex Jones steers clear of the Zionist angle?
    Because he is a Jesuit co-adjutor and so is Charlie Sheen and pops Martin.
    Zionism can be led back to the Jesuits.
    Thats why Jones only gives up certain information and leads us on a wild goose chase for these global elitists.

    Just read the Jesuit oath sometime.
    And dont be see quick to discount them and their role they play into all of this.
    The new version of Vatican Assassins is coming out soon.
    The Google Video
    another link...

    also watch...





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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Illuminati

    There seem to be many schools of thought as to who "pulls the strings from behind the scenes", including but not limited to the following (which in my view are the avenues of research trod most often and in the most scholarly way by most researchers - although scholarly does not necessarily imply intelligently), in no particular order:

    1 - Extraterrestrials and/or their descendents/genetically hybridised creations, evidenced primarily by specific aspects of the current UFO phenomena (eg. surgical removal of implanted devices of extraterrestrial isotopic composition and construction/phenomenology from alleged abductees by Dr. Roger Lear, etc.), and as yet unexplained correlations between diparate cultures in their mythologies which point to extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs to this end (cf. Celtic, Mesopotamian, pre-dynastic Egyptian, Norse, Siberian, African (esp. Dogon) and North, Central & South American indigenous mythologies, and the detailed and to this day unexplained accounts in the Rig Veda, Puranas, Mahabaratha, Bhaghavad Gita and othet ancient Indian & Tamil texts, to name a few)

    2 - Trans/interdimensional beings with no physical form who have coexisted with humans on this planet as long as humans have existed and/or may once have been human - again, see the above mythological and cultural correspondences, as well as numerous mystical works of the Renaissance and the "Classical" period (esp. those of John Dee, medieval and renaissance alchemists and the Hermetic Tradition etc.)

    3 - The Vatican (the so-called "Black Pope", variously through the Jesuit Order, Club of Rome, Opus Dei etc.)

    4 - Occult initiatic societies such as the O.T.O, the A:.A:., Rosicrucian Order, Knights Templar, Illuminised Freemasonry (higher degrees), and various other "Solar Cults" and their ancillaries

    5 - Military Industrial Complex / Corporate / Governmental interests and ancillaries (UN, CFR, Trilateral Commision, Bilderberg, RIIA etc.)

    6 - Royal Families of Europe (esp. "British" and Dutch royal lines, which in any case are heavily interrelated by marriage - note that I place British in inverted commas since they are actually of German descent and their name is actually Sachs Coburg Goethe)

    7 - Extremist Zionist interests

    Note that I do not include the "Illuminati" in this list - the chief reason, briefly (expounded upon at length below however) is that the epithet "Illuminati" has been variously applied to all the above.

    It is important to note that theories pertaining to the above as being our secret rules are not necessarily mutually exclusive - in fact, as many here well know, the above discrete categories very often overlap with each other in the sense of "grand unified conspiracy theories" often taking ALL the above into account and drawing connections between them, causal or otherwise.

    The "evidence" for any of the above ranges from the concrete (for certain ASPECTS of each) to the circumstancial, and I have yet to see a CONCLUSIVE argument made for any of them, although many of the arguments can be extremely persuasive.

    Organisations under categories 3 - 7 have all at various times and through various means expressed interest in world "government" (however you wish to define the term) either in manifestoes, literary articles both for private and public circulation, or the recorded and confirmed comments of their members (not to mention the abundant evidence in many cases that their actions are geared toward this motive), whereas evidence for this interest for the postulated parties under categories 1 & 2 is purely circumstantial, hence my brief outline of the indications thereof.

    Now to the question of the Illuminati. I won't bother reiterating what has been said here before by countless others as well as myself on a couple of occasions on this forum - the acknowledged history of the Ancient Illuminated Seers Of Bavaria (cf. Weishaupt ca.1776) is there for the perusal of anyone with a browser; let's just look at the question of their CONTINUED existence and the MERIT OF CONTINUED DEBATE OVER THIS SUBJECT logically and operationally, shall we?

    Firstly, the theme that runs through all theories of overarching and all powerful secret societies is that their members comprise the economic, political, spiritual and social "elites", and that as such they represent a highly concentrated consolidation of POWER (be it economic power, military power, technological power, spiritual power, the power to mould and shape mass consciousness, or all the above). This has a natural consequence for our discussion:

    IF a secret society DOES exist, its primary strength is that, not to flog a dead horse, it is SECRET, and exerts its influence freely because it is difficult if not impossible to PROVE that it exists.
    Further, by extension, it would be extremely beneficial to any such society not only to maintain secrecy, but also to do anything and everything possible (which, given the elite status and consolidated power of its members, is a WHOLE LOT) to muddy the waters and make investigation of their organisation impossible by planting a sufficient number of "red herrings" in the Historical, Sociological and Cultural corpus so as to leave the investigator so confounded with an overabundance of "leads" and "associations" (from one individual to the next, from one ideology to the next, and from one organisation to the next) that any such investigation will eventually lead (if anywhere) to a complete fiction (if not total sociopathy) as a conclusion.
    This tactic HAS been used by those secret societies for which there IS incontrovertible evidence all the way back to the first shamans who held sway over their palaeolithic communities by their superior knowledge of the cycles of heavenly bodies, coercing offerings from these communities in order that the sun rise the next day and the sky not fall (and no - I'm not knocking Shamanism, but given human nature I'll be willing to bet that such things occurred, and continue!).

    Thus, we can safely assume that IF such a secret society DOES exist, and its influence is as widespread, insidious and cunning as is said by many of the proponents of such theories, it is unlikely in the current state of affairs (in which the average Joe Public finds himself virtually powerless individually in the face of consolidated elite interests) that any information unearthed concerning the existence or machinations of such a society will be free of disinformation. This makes such musings counterproductive at the least and undermining of sanity at the worst.

    IF, on the other hand, no such all powerful secret brotherhood exists, and we are simply dealing with a number organisations (3 - 7) with innumerable levels on which they are variously in cahoots or in opposition to each other politically and otherwise, such musings on the "Illuminati" et. al. is simply an enormous waste of time and energy that could better be put to use battling the VISIBLE conspiracies all around us (again, variously, 3-7 depending on which affronts you the most).

    Therefore, when speaking of an Illuminati (for which the definitions include all the above and many more besides, and therefore CANNOT be SPECIFICALLY identified as any one group) or any other "secret" order in such terms, we are in fact being led down the garden path since it is HIGHLY unlikely that incontrovertible "proof" will be found among the morass of disinformation in the case that they DO exist, and we are wasting a monumental amount of time and TURNING OUR BACKS on REAL criminals with REAL agendas for global tyranny if they DO NOT exist - precisely what would be highly desirable to such groups.


    Which of the parties 3-7 under consideration have DEMONSTRABLY AND ADMITTEDLY under their control the abundance of the world's media, military/industrial and most importantly MONETARY resources? The (un)lucky number 7 - the ZIONISTS.

    Which, of all the categories 3-7, has the most OPENLY (i.e. there for all to read) genocidal, despotic and GLOBAL aspirations? Which has an OPENLY pseudo-religious ideology founded on an absolute conviction of "racial" superiority (and the subhuman status of all others) and destiny to variously destroy and subjugate all other races, eventually to impose their dominion over the whole planet? Again, the ZIONISTS (cf. the Talmud).

    Which of the above has whole LEGAL SYSTEMS drafted for their protection against anyone who so much as raises a voice of criticism against them? The ZIONISTS.

    Which of the above conspiracies has the overwhelming preponderance of VERIFIABLE data and historical FACT in suppost of its existence? Yup, you guessed it, the ZIONISTS.

    Which of the above conspiracies has its symbology and esoteric spiritual doctrines most firmly enmeshed in the practices, codes and other supposed worldwide secret societies ?(such as Freemasonry, which by the way is NOT as most think predominantly based upon Egyptian symbology, but upon the bastardisation thereof by the "Judaic" so-called "Hyksos" dynasties which overran Egypt in the twilight of that great civilisation and co-opted its esoteric lore, combining it with the Babylonian and Akkadian) Again, ZIONISM.

    If you were to remove all extremist Zionists from the face of the Earth, you can be sure that not only would we and our children live in a safer, saner world, but that any "Illuminati" that existed before this purge would have a very hard time indeed continuing to hold any power over any of us, and would be that much more easily exposed and righly annihilated. IF they exist.

    In a nutshell, better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

    As I have said before, I'll take a VISIBLE, TANGIBLE, MORTAL enemy that breathes, bleeds and has a NAME AND ADDRESS any day of the week over an INVISIBLE, INTANGIBLE, SEMI-MYTHICAL one.

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    Re: Illuminati

    Thank you for exposing this on the scam . com, I will read this later. This is good work you have scouted for and great for the Newxomers that come to visit this sight. Excellent work you have shown here. Need to get the truth out so others are not blinded by the evil ways of the government. But of course, the big corporations ( global elites) are behind this, as the bush admin. are mere puppets told what to do or else. They get their power, they get their money to do all of this. If they do disobey their have many major problems to deal with. What was it from 1954, the global elites have been in power or was it longer than that. I can't remember. Things will only get worse, the global elites and their made up Al Qaeda, the Osama bin Laden junk. The truth websites are doing a great job for exposing these criminals. How wicked they are, so evil and corrupt. I was reading the other day, that only 2 men from Israel flew the airplanes. You will find reports saying there were 7 or more and their pictures were stolen and these other men are still alive. How corrupt the govenment and the globa elites( corporations are) Oh by the way, Hillary Clinton and Rudy G. were at the bilderberg's meeting up in Canada last summer. As you know, not one President that is elected can solve the problems we have on the earth. NONE, as you know they all LIE, who is the orginator of the first lie? Satan, the devil, as what he told to Eve in the garden of Eden. The government is your false hope of peace, there will never be peace in this system never. Things will get worse as times goes by. We are living in the last days, according to the Bible. The Great Tribulation is going to come, we see the events happening by all that is going on in the government. You may not like that I concluded this in this post. But you have to face reality. This is real and it is reality.

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    Re: Illuminati

    Absolutely excellent post. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to compile this post for everyone to see. I will look at it all in more detail later on. The world needs to wake up!!

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    Re: Illuminati

    March 15 2014:
    After the BIG BANG was postponed several times, it finally starts Easter Sunday 2014, with a reversed Bible script: resurrection before crucifixion alias cruci-fiction.

    Obama Biden alias Osama Bi(nla)den presidency comes to an end after the Easter Sunday BIG BANG.
    Biden is played by Jimmy Page, Obama by an ethnic indonesian with neither black nor white blood.
    Forged birth certificate to conceal he's Kenyan is only one among an endless array of "crimes" that Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation will "confess".

    Osama Bin Laden and Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 MH-370 ascend from an Indian Ocean of discrepancies.
    Reduced remake of 11 September:
    From 4 fake planes in 2001 to to 1 fake plane at Jerusalem.
    Obama's very last video as Osama in or near an Afghanistan cave claims the "attack".

    What follows:
    - Obama arrested confesses the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in Politics;
    - Pope Francis alias actor Jonathan Pryce arrested, confesses the "most sophisticated conspiracy ever in Religion"
    - Pope Benedict, "one of the last survivors of Hitler's army", restarts playing last pope before Vatican closes doors for good.
    - Usain Bolt, fastest man ever and forever, falsely accused of doping and stripped of all titles, parallel script to Lance Armstrong, greatest cyclist ever, in the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in Sports.
    - "evil jews" playing Federal Reserve leaders arrested, confess the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in Finance: Ben Shalom Bernanke alias Paul Krugman without toupee, Janet Yellen alias Martha Stewart and israeli citizen Stan Fischer alias an ethnic german who months earlier stopped officially playing Governor of the Bank of Israel.
    - controlled demolition of banks to annihilate pensions and savings of human cattle.
    - Hitlery, alias Hillary Clinton alias Germany's first woman chancellor's half sister (both Hitler's daughters), proclaimed 44th US president, successor of GW Buh, first woman president of the US.

    Supervised race war:
    - default on social security payments;
    - vigilante groups encouraged as reaction to rioting starving crowds;
    - illuminati agents playing "black leaders" (Al Sharpton & Co) call blacks to arms;
    - martial law in the USA, EU, Australia, Canada, thousands of extermination camps activated.

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  3. The Illuminati
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  5. Illuminati
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