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    Safety Check - A MUST SEE Alert

    There are dozens of videos on You Tube that show how to do this. Be smart, protect yourself from being a victim.

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    Re: Safety Check - A MUST SEE Alert

    ok, thank you.

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    Re: Safety Check - A MUST SEE Alert

    Again... Lock only keep out honest people.
    Also, Locsmiths are human [no "duh" here] just pointing oput that they are NOt infallible. Some can be crooks.
    The inside "chain-latch" door entry prevention device; the chain can be [and often is] cut by a bolt cutter shears extended through the partially opened door.
    Another good defense [inside access type only] is a bolt-latch device that is operated from the inside only.

    Better yet, a blocking bar across the door that is secured securely in holding support on both sides of the door frame. This type of device would require entire demolishing of the entry door to get in. By the time they get this accomplished and prepare to come in, you can have Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Caliber Police Special Revolver in hand and quickly help them back outside. Aim for the upper large part of the chest and squeeze off several shot, quickly. Make sure they're dead, or you might wind up in court being sued by them for inflicting severe bodily harm upon them.
    After you have helped them back outside you can call 911, not before... :eek: :rolleyes:

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