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    Email Processors???

    Has anyone heard of Work at Home Email Processors? I haven't been able to find any info on it. They say on their website they will pay you $25.00 for every email you process online?? [You"ll be requesting emails using the "Free Ad Submission Tools" in the Members Area. (whatever that means) These emails are from people requesting more information on various products. Their company will provide the email that you will be sending out. All you have to do is "cut and paste" the same messages and send out the emails.] I know it sounds too good to be true, I'm just curious if anyone has had any experience with it or heard anything about it. I already sent them an email yesterday about what "Free AD Submission Tool" is... haven't heard back from them yet... Anyway, the link is below- any suggestions would be helpful- Thanks :)


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    Re: Email Processors???

    Their offer is very unrealistic, why can they not automate the task?

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    Re: Email Processors???


    I have never heard of this company, but I did this type of work at my last job and I would love to do it online (it was legitimate). I am semi-retired and this would be perfect for me.

    I went to their website and clicked on the registration form to see what info they had on it.

    The registration form did show their address with city, state and zip code.

    I took that info, went to the BBB site and entered it. What came up is too long to post here, but you can do the same to get more info about this company. Also, the company's name at the BBB is Homeworkers Network, the address is different, but the city, state and zip code are the same.

    I clicked on the FBAA certificate and the page showed a bunch of advertising for other services. The Scam-X certificate did state they were a member in good standing with zero complaints. I have never heard of Scam-X so I don't know if it is legitimate or not.

    I also googled this site and there were negative reports. Oh yea, they want you to pay a $79 processing fee to get started. Now we on Scam.com know that means SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

    If you google Work At Home Email Processors, click on the second page on google and click on the link at the very top. On the page that comes up click on the link from "Strange Day". Very interesting.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Email Processors???

    Thanks guys for the info.. It really cleared some things up :)

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