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Thread: 1st Healthcare

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    1st Healthcare

    I got this following email today:

    (monster.com picture here)

    Dear Candidate,

    We have analyzed your resume and have found one job available for you to work at home right away with a guaranteed monthly income of $5,500 in the first year. First, you have to understand what our company is looking for and if you think that this kind of job is made for you to ask for our Representative Contract to be signed. If you have one free hour daily (not including weekends) you are welcome to join today. Our job is a flextime, flex-place opportunity designed to fit around your family's income and time needs. You can earn FROM $50,000 up to $200,000 a year (depends on our sales) and more after one year working with us.

    What we offer:

    -Flexible program: two hours/day at your choice, daytime and evening time
    -Work at home: checking e-mail and going to the bank
    -Part time or full time
    -Professional contact team with very good support and communication skills
    -Other highlights: no selling involved, no kit to buy, we won't charge you anything
    -Monthly salary: $900 per month
    -Commission: 10% of every money order/check that clears, instantly cash in hand that you will deduct from the cashed amount. If you receive a check of $1,000.00 your net income is $100.00, our company supports any fees. You will process at least 2-3 orders per day and you will earn more than $200.00 cash in hand each day.

    What we ask:

    You have to be an American citizen, legal resident or immigrant in U.S.

    Are you interested on a Full time or Part time job and you have at least one hour per day free?

    Are you older than twenty one years?

    Do you have a bank account and you can use it for cashing checks?

    Have you worked before or are you currently employed in a job such as this one? A job regarding cashing checks for an international company. If you did please tell us what company because we have made some agreements with a few of them.

    If you meet these conditions please contact us by replying at this e-mail address to receive a Representative Contract and detailed information about this job.

    We will never ask you for anything more then that, no bank name, no bank account number, routing number, credit card, passwords, ssn# etc.


    More details will be provided with the contract. This is NOT SPAM. This is a "Legitimate work at home offer.

    If you are interested workings with our company reply today. You can start within 2-3 days if you agree with our contract. Our Company is legitimate and we are well known and respected in Europe . We will soon be known in U.S. also. When we will open our offices in US next year you are welcome to join us. We would never put you into an illegal position or ourselves.

    Thank you

    This email was sent from Account ID A7C4NC752BWLDYQB047 and by this this logged in User U2A35W5ZZ2SD1ZBXKTY"

    I wouldn't mind making an extra $900/month... but something about this still rings fishy..

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    Re: 1st Healthcare

    It is payment processing scam.

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    Re: 1st Healthcare

    Yes, another payment processing scam!

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    Re: 1st Healthcare

    I'm glad I read this because I received the same e-mail, send them back the contract, and received my first check Saturday...which I did not cash. I'm rather angry with myself because there are so many clues that scream scam with this. But they are preying on people who particulalry would need this kind of easy money more than the average joe--for me I'm currently unemployed--so it's easier to get their evil deed done.

    All I had to do was a search for that A7C4NC752BWLDYQB047 ID number at the bottom of the initial e-mail, and pages and pages of scam responses came back. I can't believe how stupid I almost was!

    Thanks folks! :)

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