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    Bluegreen Resorts - Cheap Vacation

    So I've already scoured the internet looking for complaints about buying a timeshare with Bluegreen and I'm definately not buying in...

    but I'm getting a reduced rate "mini vacation" in Charleston, SC ($59.00) for two nights stay at a reasonable (holiday inn) across the river from downtown with a $50.00 gift certificate to just about any restaurant in town. I just have to sit through a 90-120 minute presentation.

    Has anybody done this before? My parents sat through the spiel while they were already there so they could get free tickets to local attractions but they didn't stay on their tab.

    I am in no way interested in their vacation club, I just needed a little help going out of town this year so we booked this and are staying an extra night (on our tab) so we can get away.

    Anybody know what to expect? I hate to feel like I'm scamming them but they offered.

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    Re: Bluegreen Resorts - Cheap Vacation

    We had one with Bluegreen and they are bad, they will pressure you and you have to hang tuff. They will promise the world and we have had a hard time using our timeshare. Finally just stopped paying. Dues went from about 400 when we bought and are now 1,000, you can have a great vacation for that each year. Stay away if you can.

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