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    Bunny Vreeland - Female Hypnotherapist - is Dr Bunny Vreeland PhD a scammer>

    I was crusing the web when my eye caught this website. I have a few pounds that I want to loose. this doctor Bunny Vreeland, claims to be a "Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. My Ventura County hypnotherapy practice has helped people stop smoking with hypnosis, lose weight with hypnosis, and reduce stress. Whether you are considering hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis to stop smoking, or hypnosis to reduce stress, I can help. The name of my business is Image Resource Center. .."

    And her Education & Credentials, and but then I found moore about Bunny Vreelands Hypnotherapy Certifications click here. This set of complaints bothered me the most. Complaints on "Dr. Bunny Vreeland :confused:

    Can anyone give me any experince of buying from her before I use her services? :)

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    Re: rip off artist?- Female Hypnotherapist - is Dr Bunny Vreeland PhD a scammer>

    I just revieved the following:

    "No Hypnotherapist is a Licence Doctor and If they call themselves a PhD in clinical Hypnotherapy from some University, they better a real Doctors that has taken Hypnosis as additional to their practice and Not a Hypnotherapy PhD, Because there is NO PhD for Hypnotherapist by itself"

    Are You Hypnotized by The Vampire?
    by: Doreen Cohanim


    I bought a "Hypnotism Weight Cd" from a Bunny Vreeland PHD .Turns out it did not even work! I called 800-755-4083 or 805-984-1237 . I left fifteen messages over the last fifteen days no response.

    Dear Dr. Vreeland PHD ,

    I am sorry to bother you, but your CD "Hypnotism Weight Cd" that was sent by you and it does not work and would like a refund . I have called all the numbers on your website and you have not called back.

    If you don't give me a honest and clear explanation of your actions, I will be contacting BBB and Pissed Consumer to tell them all about the quality of service from your site that you guys are giving your customers.

    Your extremely mad customer,



    I did get the following today:

    [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 4:25 PM
    To: name withheld
    Subject: your e-mail


    Tough you bought the CD all sales are final. You also, asked about my PHD and if I got it online?This is not professional or any of your business. Please refer to my site it hase all my information. you are onnly a hater

    Dr. Bunny Vreeland

    tha above is posted on P- --ed customer

    To This Bunny's defense, perhaps if she could come on this site and defend her education and the charges of the compaints?

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    www.ventura-hypnotherapist.com -Hypnotherapist -is Dr Bunny Vreeland PhD a scammer>

    I think I have decided to buy the CD and will report back if anyone is intrested. I want to be fair to this person :) . I did get this link sent over. :confused:

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    Re: Bunny Vreeland - Female Hypnotherapist - is Dr Bunny Vreeland PhD a scammer>

    I decided to not buy from her and use a Dr. nearby my home. It did come down to the over what seem to be over 100 complaints

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