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    How "Obama"'s OCTOBER SURPRISE became the BIG BANG's trigger because it was postponed 2008 - revealed only by LAST PROPHET

    Obama"'s OCTOBER SURPRISE became the BIG BANG's trigger because it was postponed 2008 - revealed only by LAST PROPHET

    October 2013: If postponed once again then the BIG BANG will no longer take place in October, because illuminati can't afford to wait another year.

    From October 2012:
    ** OCTOBER 2008 SURPRISE ** minor and ** MAJOR ** change in 2012 illuminati script

    The 2008 October surprise script was exposed by Last Prophet in September 2008, after the illuminati postponed for the first time "Obama"'s detonation as fake suicide bomber: "“Obama impeached asks his crowd to elect Clinton”". (1)
    Illuminati have postponed the October surprise for now 4 years.

    Illuminati started the global genocide agenda with chemical / BIG Pharma weapons (from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides to the hundreds of chemicals added to food).
    2008-2012, the upscaled agenda continues:
    - mass murder of elderly;
    - hormonal destruction of children and teenagers with Bisphenol A, particularly in water PET bottles;
    - generalized cancer with GMO, poisoned water and wine;
    - vaccination alias vassassination;
    - energy "saving" lamps.
    Months ago the FEMA extermination camps started rolling, at this point still fed mostly by mass detentions at "Occupy" type of "protests" organized by the illuminati (2).

    October 2012: only two tactical weapons not yet used
    As systemic collapse nears completion, illuminati have only two unused weapons left, other than nuclear holocaust:
    - repeat what they test in Syria, using illuminati agents Assad and Ahmadinejad (3): a few mass murderers (airforce pilots, tanks) bombing much more than 99% of the population, now no more completely disarmed but defending themselves only with machine guns.
    - one tactical weapon, the supervised ethnic civil war.

    One minor and one MAJOR change in surprise
    The surprise will be no more “Obama impeached asks his crowd to elect Clinton” like what was planned for October 2008.
    Now [October 2012] the surprise will be Obama accused of several crimes, starting with forgery and treason.
    The FULL detonation comes a few months later: "Obama impeached and stripped of his title(s) asks his crowd to fight the whites".
    Obama fully detonates at the same time as "Romney", alias Hollywood actor Richard Jenkins.
    Reason: because "Mitt Romney" plays the role originally scripted for McCain 2008: "elected" to play counterfeit president.
    Goal: disarm the population, because there will be more acceptance if it's a "republican" rather than Hillary Clinton to do the job.

    Resumed, there are two changes in the Obama October 2008 v Obama October 2012 script:
    - a minor addendum: stripped and accused of not only forgery but all sorts of crimes, from high treason to murder.
    Example: faking the death of Osama Bin Laden, also played by "Obama" and now also part of the surprise, with "Obama" playing his role one last time to resuscitate him; murder, starting with his "granny".
    - a major change in timing for the supervised ethnic civil war: in the new script race war is triggered by Obama's FULL detonation (4).

    The minor change: no longer impeached as senator but impeached as president and also stripped of his presidential title.
    As in the original 2008 script, at the end of the day (after both Obama and the actor in the role of republican imposter both self detonate) Hillary Clinton is proclaimed 44th President and successor of GW Bush.

    October again and illuminati religion
    Unlike 2008 there is no major reason to stage the surprise in October, before the November "election".
    Latest headlines in the script of the execution of the greatest cyclist ever, falsely accused of doping: "Armstrong plotted the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in sports".
    Reminder: Lance Armstrong was stripped not from one but from seven titles, so when "Obama" will be "executed" for "the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in politics", it is irrelevant if he was previously stripped of one or two titles. (5)
    Yet unless the illuminati feel again too weak to supervise the ethnic civil war they will launch the surprise in October.

    Why? Because of their religion (7), that already suffered as they did not feel strong enough in October 2008 to do it.

    (1) 2008 article survived in this forum that banned the TRUTH shortly after:
    archived Oct 9, 2008:

    (2) The Jews detained by the Gestapo, version 2 - this time not one third of the population but 0,001% (and many of them foreign mercenaries) arresting the rest.
    Madrid 2012: Spanish Schindler saves hundreds from extermination camps, But for how long?

    (3) Syria Assad ordered to go chemical, Turkey Erdogan to occupy Syria. Iran Ahmadinejad MUST NOT fall - Libya fake war script repeated in Syria

    (4) For the record
    Ethnic Civil War, Illuminati last tactic weapon: Controlled ...
    8 Jul 2009 ...Supervised Ethnic Civil War is the main reason in ongoing B-plan.

    (5) "Obama" stripped of his presidential title(s) with Hillary Clinton proclaimed 44th President and successor of GW Bush. Exposed long before Lance Armstrong was stripped.

    (6) "Obama" detonates each day as fake successor of GW Bush, from "debates" with with actor Richard Jenkins alias toupee "Romney"...
    ... to new "crimes" added to the endless array of bombs used in the script for his fake suicide bonber role.
    Hillary Clinton, the last face of the last antichrist, triggers some of these bombs.
    Example using the staged Benghazi attack hoax that "killed" fake identity "ambassador Chris Stevens" ...
    ... from October 10:
    Hillary Clinton reveals what REALLY led to Benghazi massacre & demolishes White House

    (7) The religion that worships endless deception and global slavery based on global genocide for the human cattle

    ORIGINAL article from October 2012 survived at some forums that shortly or immediately after banned Last Prophet:
    Archived Jan 2013, has extra post detailing role of republican imposter in the disarm agenda:
    Archived, thread goes on for 7 pages:
    Post at usmessageboard.com was deleted and Last Prophet was banned. Part of it survived as reply at:
    part in http://www.usmessageboard.com/curren...-follow-2.html
    Illuminati edited the repost and replaced links to try to mock the TRUTH:
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    Re: How "Obama"'s OCTOBER SURPRISE became the BIG BANG's trigger because it was postponed

    This is what I believe the October Surprise is and if investigated would expose Hillary for treason, bribery, and obstruction of justice. http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/dear-c...illary-clinton

    BTW.. Cons Lie is a paid Hillary shill assigned to spam this web site. Look at their "join date" and every single post promotes Hillary or bashing Trump.

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