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    scammed again...

    Around January of 2007, i was checking my email, and found an advertizement for a "work at home" "OPPORTUNITY" from OFFERLAB.COM. Anyway, I fell for it, I charged 50 somethin' dollars on my credit card, only to find a few minutes later that, of course, i'd been had. I figured I'd just cut my losses and call it a lesson learned... well anyway, I didn't keep a close eye on my bill, and realized in May that I had been being charged 15 bucks a month since February. Well, i figured i might as well go to their web site and see what I've been paying for... Well to my "SURPRISE" the web site was no longer available. I called my credit card company immediately and got the company's phone number... When I called I heard a woman's automated voice saying, "Thank-You, Good-bye"... After my heart started beating again and the blood returned to my face, I called my credit card company AGAIN, and they stopped payment for me, THANK GOD!!!

    Well I wish I could say lesson learned, but... I have learned to check my credit card bill now, and looking at it recently I noticed that my last bill has a charge of $34.05 from typing4dolloars.... I remember going on the site, MONTHS ago, and I definitely remember the name Gavin Stone, but I know I would NEVER agree to a monthly fee, and I always read EVERYTHING, so I don't know why these charges have come up now, but.... If anyone out there is thinking of joining either, trust me JUST DON'T DO IT!!!

    My experience with "Work from Home" gimiks "JUST DON'T WORK" If you're really interested in working from home, consider talking to a reputable learning institution about MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION it's something you can do at home, from what i hear (i need to look into it more myself) you can even do the schooling over the internet, and actually work for a reputable business Like a Hospital, Medical Clinic, Dental Office.... I don't even know them all.

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    Re: scammed again...

    Sorry you are having to go through all this.. It goes back to basic common sense.. you don't pay employers to give you a job.. it just doesn't work that way. If you aren't filling out an application, going through an interview process and doing it all for free.. you are probably getting scammed.

    How nice would it be in the real world if we could just pay a membership fee and get a job from home?

    If the charges you are incurring are coming through clickbank you can go back to them directly and get a refund. Good luck!

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