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    Hot Stock to watch

    Advanced Viral Research Corp - Company Profile Snapshot
    Company Profile: Advanced Viral Research Corp
    Ticker: ADVR
    Major Industry: Pharmaceutical
    Sub Industry: Pharmaceutical
    Country: UNITED STATES
    Employees: N/A

    Business Description: The mission of Advanced Viral Research Corp. is to create new and effective biopharmaceutical products that have great potential to alleviate human suffering and diseases worldwide. Research scientists at ADVR are committed to developing the rich pharmaceutical chemistry of peptide nucleic acids (PNAs), considered to possess properties that can beneficially modify the immune system, to create novel medicinal therapeutic agents.

    Contents provided by www.ConservativeCapital.com

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    Re: Hot Stock to watch

    No, no, no. Worthless.
    All advertising is lies, deceit, and misdirection.

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    Re: Hot Stock to watch

    It is called stock pumping.

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    Re: Hot Stock to watch

    looks like the mods aint interested anymore when worthless lameasses like that twat can come and post stock ramping bull**** here without comeback.

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    Re: Hot Stock to watch

    Pump and dump worthless stock. I wonder if the SEC knows about this.

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