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    Keep Eyes on ERMX

    Entremetrix Corporation - Company Profile Snapshot
    Company Profile: Entremetrix Corporation
    Ticker: ERMX
    2006 Sales: 6,202,000
    Major Industry: MISCELLANEOUS
    Country: UNITED STATES
    Employees: N/A

    Business Description
    Entremetrix Corporation. The Group's principal activity is to provide structural support services for small businesses. Its services include financial guidance in areas of treasury management, general accounting oversight and capital formation, employee-related administration and regulatory compliance, payroll services, insurance operations, regulatory filings and overall HR guidance.

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    Re: Keep Eyes on ERMX

    how about 'go f*ck yourself' loser?

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    Re: Keep Eyes on ERMX

    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Bailey
    how about 'go f*ck yourself' loser?
    I'll 2nd that motion. Nothing but a pump and dump scheme.

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