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    new member in scam..from egypt

    hey there
    i'm mido from egypt
    i'm new in this forum
    wish u accept me being here
    i'd love too
    ][][§¤°^°¤§][][....... guevara........][][§¤°^°¤§][][

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    Re: new member in scam..from egypt

    Hello mido from egypt. I am wiser from america. I know that is an oxymoron, but that is my real name, wiser.

    As with all persons as long as they show goodwill, I reciprocate with the same. Welcome, good to have you here. Is your will good?
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    what the heck is this crap?

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    Re: new member in scam..from egypt

    Welcome to Scam. Be sure to check out our Political forum. :)
    franKg - "Since God was ok with Moses, Joshua and David burning cities to the ground and killing all the civilians I think he would be ok with us splashing a little water on some terrorists."

    Dr poormouth - "Exackly;
    It's not "waterboarding", it's "extraordinary baptism""

    Quote Originally Posted by carlbenator
    As discussed in a previous thread, this IRRATIONAL HATRED for the Jews and their RIGHT to SURVIVE is one of the many PROOFS of a God, AND a Devil.

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    Re: new member in scam..from egypt

    Welcome... hope you are NOT thin-skinned [too sensitive] as there are some here that say things, in general, that can cause some to be quickly offended.
    People are mostly exploring, inquiring, talking, questioning, trying to learn. Most want to understand, hope for a better world, want to get along with most everyone; difficult often.
    If you're Muslim, you will see a lot said here regarding Islam. Some respectful, some not. I think most are trying to figure out wher Muslims are coming from,
    oriented, think, Trying to understand their tolerance and respect for others and their religion.
    There are some bigots, narrow-minded people that you might say probably don't even like theirself. So they come across, usually, with natred and meaness. Best to just ignore them and keep in mind that most people in the world are basically good and want to get along.
    Could do so better without the politicans and religious leaders, fanatics.
    Good luck here. Hope you are sincere in you motiations!
    The 'Political Forum' is usually NOt a good place to hang out as there are people there as described above. Also, some challenging, probing, wanting to know who you are, how oriented and wont take any nonsense off of radicals and fanatics,,,

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    Re: new member in scam..from egypt

    Hi mido! I'm from Russia. :rolleyes:

    Please don't shoot the piano player, he's doing the best he can.

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    Re: new member in scam..from egypt

    Hello mido,

    I'm the moderator on scam. As long as you read the rules posted in each forum and abide by them you won't have any problems from me.

    Welcome to scam.com. A word of caution, truth does not abound here, so don't take to heart everything you read.


    Lady Mod

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    Re: new member in scam..from egypt

    Gday sweetwater,

    John from downunder here. Whichever way you swing you're likely to receive a lot of crvp on scam.com, but hopefully you can stick it out. Glad to have you on board.

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