09/24/2013: 7.3 Earthquake (1) just hundred miles from Karachi, where thousands of christians were murdered in the last years, and two days after hundreds of pakistani christians burnt alive while attending mass.
A reminder of Last Prophet's words from 2007, updated with the latest of Syria and Egypt:

Christian minorities in neo-colonies with muslim majorities: illuminati agenda Genocide of Christians
From Pakistan to Erdogan in Turkey, from Maliki installed by NATO in Iraq to former fake enemies of Iran government now repainted as moderates: all these puppets are part of the agenda "Genocide of Christians".
Reminder: since 2003 these illuminati puppets have murdered hundreds of thousands of christians and forced millions to flee, TWO million in Iraq alone.
The same happened in Sudan before 2011, when christians finally defeated the illuminati puppet Omar al-Bashir and South Sudan became independent, destroying the colonial borders.

Christian minorities in neo-colonies with muslim majorities - the illuminati agenda "black is white"
Illuminati media conceals the persecutions and genocide of christians in countries ruled by their puppets.
The ultimate goal is illuminati religion's principle of "black is white":
- to propagate the butchers of christians as the "protectors" of christians.
- to assign the atrocities against christians commited by illuminati puppets to the freedom fighters, who are in fact SUPPORTED by christians.

Syria, the ultimate illustration for genocide of christians propagated as "black is white"
September 2013, 3 weeks after Assad upscaled chemical attacks against children to an unprecedented scale in the History of Mankind:
"Al Qaeda-linked rebels take Christian town" headlines = totally staged illuminati "black is white" propaganda suggesting that christians are behind Assad, when in fact they are supporting the Free Syrian Army.
September 8: RussiaToday's "report" about the Syrian Army retaking the town and selling Assad as protector of christians is TOTALLY staged, exactly like the previous "news" of Al Qaeda taking it.
On the fly a few more christians are murdered.

Egypt: new patriotic government puts an end to Genocide of Christians
The new patriotic government of Egypt put an end to this agenda, implemented until July 2013 by illuminati puppets Mubarak and Morsi.
Last Prophet's words from January 2013:
Everything that Morsi does in Egypt comes from the same illuminati manual of psy-op techniques used in IllumiNATziOland .
The Port Said soccer massacre was staged by the government, anyone can immediately confirm it by visioning the images: the police did nothing, the "Hooligans" were too obviously agents provocateurs.
The tactic of "divide and reign" (1), in this case to gain support from people in Cairo and another act to foment hate against christian copts, which itself is again part of "divide and reign".

July 3: Christian coptic Patriarch is third person to address the nation, after General Sisi and the muslim spiritual leader, in the very first ceremony of the new government, immediately after Morsi is arrested.
This was also the only time that illuminati TV broadcasted live members of the new government. Yet they cut the broadcast before the coptic Patriarch's address.

(1) Truth survived in reply by Last Prophet, 09/24/2013 09:00 AM:
http://www.godlikeproductions.com/fo...age2363231/pg7 VERY BIG QUAKE (7.8) IN PAKISTAN

(2) reported as 78 killed, in fact hundreds:

SYRIA: Illuminati fake fighting at Maaloula: *** Hezbollah butchers *** wear christian crosses for the camera
Illuminati media censors real victims, real rebels, real bombings; shows ONLY fake victims, fake activists, fake rebels, fake fights and Assad & his butchers

EGYPT: Illuminati media desperate attempts to fuel civil war FAIL!
Reason is simple: broken record "Millions behind Morsi" is a BIG LIE.
July/August 2013: Pathetically selling that Muslim Brotherhood is strong and Egypt is going towards civil war as MorCIA's supporters reduced to 5,000
Fact: Morsi rallies against the new government were never larger than 30,000 while rallies of freedom fighters gathered millions.
And that's why MorCIA alias Morsi bited the dust and the patriotic government of Egypt restored national independence.