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Thread: Nuage Art

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    Nuage Art

    Of 4480 Cote De Liesse West, Suite 310, Montreal, Quebec, H4N 2RI, CANADA

    States I've won 2 of their top awards, out of 5.

    Doesn't ask for any cash to be sent, & states the number is freephone. It's an 0800 number.

    Anyone else know anything about this or the company????

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    Re: Nuage Art

    No, but be very careful. Did you enter any contest? Any more details available?

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    Re: Nuage Art

    You'll be asked for money.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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    Re: Nuage Art

    I was also approcahed by Art Nuage, also by a lady named Lynn telling me that i won one of their promotions and in order for me to claim my guaranteed prizes i had to buy one of their paintings that were displayed on the Art Nuage website.

    I bought a painting at a cost of 480 believing that i had won a trip to the Bahamas and a diamond and sapphire bracelet. I did receive the painting but it was not the one i had ordered, i have had numerous conversations with the owner called John, no luck in getting my refund or getting the prizes that i had supposedly won. He actually tried to convince me to pay a further 2000 to become a corporate member where i would recieve over 40k in prizes.

    This is a huge scam, they lie and cheat and try and convince you to part with you hard earned money. If i was not in the UK i would make a visit to their company and confront them face to face.

    Is there no way we can report them to some trade unions or something. I would love to take this matter further and actually get them into court. I am sure i am not the only one that has believed their scam and if we dont stop them i wont be the last.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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