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    Has Anyone Had This Experience With Clickbank

    Hey To All,

    Check this out. :mad:

    I have a couple of programs that I advertise for but they are through Clickbank. Last night I was checking the status on some of the other programs I advertise and something told me to check out my Clickbank account.

    After I logged in, my account showed I had a sale on May 5, 2007 and the balance was $31 and some change. My "threshold" on Clickbank is $25. I was wondering why they had not sent my check to me, so I sent them an email asking about this.

    This is what they emailed me this morning:

    Thank you for your inquiry! You have not been issued a check because your
    account has not yet met our "Customer Distribution Requirement", which states your account must reflect sales made with 5 or more different credit card numbers, including at least one Visa card, and one MasterCard in order to be eligible to receive a check. PayPal and e-check purchases do not count toward the minimum.

    This requirement is in place to help prevent affiliates from abusing the
    ClickBank Affiliate Program by using their accounts for the sole purpose of
    collecting rebates and/or discounts on their own ClickBank purchases.

    I sent them a reply stating this was the most asinine requirement I have ever heard. I stated, if some affiliates are abusing Clickbank then "flag" their accounts, but don't put everyone under this requirement, especially when you have to get 5 sales with a mixture of different credit cards and ONE HAS TO BE A VISA AND THE OTHER ONE HAS TO BE A MASTER CARD.

    I don't have the time or money to advertise in such a way as to get 5 or more sales, each with different credit cards and included in those sales, I have to make sure one is a Visa and the other is a Master Card.
    I received a check from Clickbank for one of my programs last year and I know I did not have 5 or more sales, so I assume this "requirement" is fairly new.

    I emailed them back that I would be closing out my Clickbank account and what will happen to my $31.

    This is what them emailed back to me:


    What I can do is flush your account, meaning that we manually force a check to be sent to you without closing your account.

    Please let me know if you are interested.



    I emailed back asking them will the "flush" be a one-time thing for this check or will they "flush" other checks for me?

    I am waiting for their response.

    If they can't "flush" other checks for me in the future then I am saying adios to Clickbank, because I know I can't meet their paycheck requirement.

    Has anyone else had a similiar experience getting their money from Clickbank?

    Talk to me.

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    Re: Has Anyone Had This Experience With Clickbank

    A nice little read about Clickbank.com form the The Better Business Bureau«
    Serving Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon
    , just some various quotes;
    Customer Experience
    The BBB advises caution when doing business with companies that require an advance fee for information, claim large earnings and short hours with little or no experience. Bureau files nationwide indicate no evidence of anyone making the promised money stuffing envelopes, performing surveys on-line, or getting paid to be a mystery shopper.

    We suggest that consumers carefully review and understand all company and promotional materials and contracts before paying money up-front for products or services.
    The Bureau processed a total of 192 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 192 complaints closed in 36 months, 108 were closed in the last year.

    BBB Membership Status
    ClickBank is not a member of this Better Business Bureau. Many websites of ClickBanks' online affiliates contain marketing materials which reference ClickBank "in good standing with the Better Business Bureau." BBB policy strictly prohibits use of the Better Business Bureau name or membership claim when such is not the case.

    The Better Business Bureau met with representatives from ClickBank On March 16, 2005 and April 14, 2005 to discuss their online affiliates referencing BBB membership on their websites. The company agreed to monitor and establish procedures that prohibit the unauthorized use of the BBB's name.
    However, our office continues to receive reports from various sources that BBB membership is referenced on many of ClickBanks' affiliate websites.

    Additional DBA Names
    Keynetics, Inc.
    Click Sales Inc.
    Draft Cash
    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. -C. Darwin

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    Re: Has Anyone Had This Experience With Clickbank

    That is only for your 1st paycheck.

    After that you can sit back and make 1 sale a month and they will send you a check as long as your over your thresh hold.

    Clickbank is legit.

    They have that in place because a lot of new people on the clickbank scene will create accounts then buy products through themselves. so they can get a discount.

    What your seeing is the perfect way to stop it from happening.

    See ya a round !

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    Re: Has Anyone Had This Experience With Clickbank

    Why are you using still clickbank ??? Instead of using clickbank go for adsense or adhitz. They are very aggressive.

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