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    Anyone know about AdcentsWebs or AdcentsWebPro?

    I have invested several hundred in this and am beginning to think I've been had. Anyone else her know anything about it?

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    Re: Anyone know about AdcentsWebs or AdcentsWebPro?

    This them? http://www.adcentswebs.com/
    If so then the WhoIs info shows;
    Traveler Marketing
    3815 Shady Run Rd
    Melbourne, Florida 32934
    United States

    Registered through: GizMo Systems
    Domain Name: ADCENTSWEBS.COM
    Created on: 03-Apr-06
    Expires on: 03-Apr-08
    Last Updated on: 08-Apr-07
    Administrative Contact:
    Madden, Ronald rex @ travlermarketing.com (edited, remove spaces)
    Traveler Marketing
    3815 Shady Run Rd
    Melbourne, Florida 32934
    United States
    6176003179 Fax --
    Right off the bat the address and phone number do not match up. The address comes back with Whitepages.com as;
    1 Result matching "3815 Shady Run Rd, Melbourne, FL"
    Vaupel, Rick & Chris
    3815 Shady Run Rd
    Melbourne, FL 32934-8548
    (321) 751-1485
    The phone number comes back with Whitepages.com as;
    (617) 600-3179 is Unpublished or Unavailable
    Type: Land Line, Provider: MCImetro, Ats, Location: Watertown, MA
    The address is in Florida and the phone number is in Massachusetts.

    The HonestOnline link on the website gives this info;
    Company Name: GizMo Systems, Inc
    Member Since:
    October 14, 2006

    Principal: Chris Moos
    Address: 1073 Hancock St., Suite 100-101
    Quincy, MA 02169
    Country: United States
    Phone: 617-934-0803
    Email: support @ gizmosystems.net
    The BBB report for Gizmosystems gives;
    General Information
    ID: 94586
    Company Name:
    Gizmo Systems, Inc.
    Company Address: 1073 Hancock St. Ste 100-101
    Quincy, MA 02169

    Original Business Start Date: 1995
    Type of Entity: Corporation
    Incorporated: 2003 in Massachusetts
    Chris Moos , President
    Number of Employees: 5
    Phone Number:
    (617) 934-0803
    Fax Number:
    (617) 687-0217
    BBB Member Status: This company is not a Member
    Type of Business:
    Web Site Address:

    Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to an unanswered complaint.
    I cannot tell who you are actually dealing with here since the info is rather mucked up. You may want to contact the guy in this forum he is also asking about AdcentsWebPro.com. The website AdcentsWebPro.com is not active, WhoIs info shows;
    Website Status: No Website

    Domain Status Message: Domain is available.
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    Re: Anyone know about AdcentsWebs or AdcentsWebPro?

    I wouldnt use them just because their name looks like they are trying to gain money from Google Adsense and people who can't spell correctly, lol. Someone tells you about Adsense and you think they meant Adcents and boom your scammed
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    Re: Anyone know about AdcentsWebs or AdcentsWebPro

    The guy who rips people of with his websites is Chris Moos from scituate Mass. He has Webfluence.com & .net gizmosystems.net and several others including the adcents which you mention. on 2/6/08 the district court in Orleans Mass. issued a warrant for his arrest. He did not even show up when sued. Even with the "millions" he claims he makes as an internet expert, he can't pay a $1400.00 judgement. Do not waste money on his crap!!!

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