Austin Wholesale Decking Supply Zaragosa Barbosa Complaint

My experience with Austin Wholesale Decking has been overwhelmingly negative.

I found them online and placed an order for almost $3000 of deckboards to be delivered to my home in Colorado.

When the order arrived (and it took them a long time to ship) it was short one board and a second board was badly damaged.

I let them know of the problem the morning after I received the order but said I'd hold off on having them ship the boards until I knew I'd actually need them.

I contacted them some time later and said I'd need the two boards. They agreed and promised to ship them. Nothing came.

I called them again, this time they wanted me to pay for the shipping on their mistake. I said no way and after some argument they agreed to ship them. Nothing came.

Eventually I contacted American Express but by that time too much time had gone by for me to effectively dispute the charge. Austin Wholesale Decking flat out lied to AmEx about our transaction, inventing their own sequence of events.

Austin Wholesale Decking is a badly run and, in my experience dishonest, vendor who would be best avoided.