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    online business systems

    Thank goodness I found your site and found out about online business systems before i signed up. I was rather suspicious that none of the advertising actually told me what I would be expected to sell. At the moment they are offering the introductory dvd about the business for 5.99 with 2 weeks free trial to look at it then you pay 21.99 to joion up. Thanks to reading the comments on your site I have decided not to take up their generous offer to make loads of money.

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    Re: online business systems

    Do you pay them by credit card?

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    Re: online business systems

    Quote Originally Posted by pcwork
    Do you pay them by credit card?
    They said that they didn't get involved at all because of the forums' advice. Also, if you're looking for any other info, just search the forums for OBS, or Herbalife, or something along those lines. There will be plenty of info about how scammy mcscam scam they are.

    I was going to try this, but the woman on the phone (she called me from a number in LA and the number she left on my voicemail was from Santa Monica) was very nondescript about how everything worked. And, she couldn't guarantee that I'd get all of my money back for that "trial."

    My advice, stay away from ANYTHING that has to do with Herbalife.

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