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    Does anyone know anything about this particular site? I have checked with scams.com, BBB online Reliability, BBB in Florida, State Attorney General's office in Florida, Ripoff Reports and Consumer Affairs and cannot find any compalints.

    I have written a letter to the owner, John Carroll asking for more information:

    Hello John:

    So far I'm very impressed. Your business did not turn up on scams.com, Ripoff reorts, BBB online Reliability, the BBB in your state or even the Attorney General's office in your state.

    However, I am such a skeptic and I'm sure you've had to answer these questions millions of times.

    1) First, why are you not a member of the BBB On-Line Reliability Program?

    2) Why are you not a member of the BBB?

    3) Do you help with introduction letters that are in your FAQ's or do you give examples anywhere?

    4) Is 8 weeks a realistic time enough time to read the manual, understand it, send out an introductory letter and get jobs and checks in your mailbox? This seems like a short amount of time to get all this done before you can get your money back.

    5) Why are you not a member of Veri Sign?

    6) All home businesses state they have testimonials but they, like yours, only have First Initial, Last name or visa versa and their state. How can these be verified?

    Obviously, I don't want to come off sounding offensive, but the intenet is such a scam these days and answering these questions would be quite helpful in making a decision.

    I worked for a mortgage company before and know that they contract these jobs out to companies so I'm wondering also how individuals can get started in this business since bankers, mortgage companies, etc., usually contract out. My question on this is: Why would they hire an individual when they can hire a company to do this? An individual they know nothing about?

    As these are very valid questions, I would appreciate a response to each of them. I know a lot of people who would be interested in a home based business if it is absolutely legitimate. This is why I research so thoroughly and, like I said, so far, I have found nothing illegitimate about yours but do have additional questions.

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    Re: easyphotobiz.com

    Why would they hire an individual when they can hire a company to do this? An individual they know nothing about?
    They would not hire individual that they do not know and without recommendations. And they would need small job, they will do it themselves. How hard it is to use digital camera.

    You will get worthless emanual. Internet is full of those.

    Would you think you need more than 26 page manual to start your own business?

    You have to open studio to take portraits and some of experience.

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    Re: easyphotobiz.com

    There are many websites where you will be paid for your photos, you can join for free

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    Re: easyphotobiz.com

    I bought this manual two years ago and used the first company I read about in the manual and I did several jobs for them each week for about a year. This is legitimate. It really does work. I used this as a side job. If I were going full time, I would probably be with several companies. This is not hard to do. Piece of cake. Easy money.

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