I quote just what I could find on the net about this:
And the BOONEX CONSUMER SCAM Continues...
They want their cake and eat it too... what a concept!

First their crack marketing staff PUBLISH on the very front page of the ORCA Site for the world to see:


Free community needs a free forum script. Orca is completely free, open-source and free in terms of licensing. It is distributed under GPL license,

which should uncover its potential and make it #1 forum software on the net. "

Then they sent out this gem to their mailing list:

ORCA 1.0.b release

1. It is 100% AJAX forum allowing you to read and comment posts without the page load and reload. You have a full picture of the forum and can

read, comment and poll for due to the AJAX posts load. It is fast, it is convenient, and it saves your Internet traffic!

2. It is fully integrable with any software. So plug it into your site and make your community featured and strong!

3. It is self-ruling and significantly saves your efforts when it comes to forum administration. Members of your forum will moderate it according to

their own interests and objectives with the help of tools ORCA offers.

4. It is open-sourced and licensed under GNU General Public License, which allows you to modify it based on your own preferences and site

specification, enhance its facilities and globally distribute your improvements.

For now ORCA 1.0 is released in Beta mode. Although it is a safe and stable script, we are passionate about improving the 1.0 version, but we also

want you you to have a look at what we already have. We completely rely on our script and use it in our own ExpertZZZ Community Software

Support system.
At the moment ORCA 1.0 b is available on ExpertZZZ to Contributors. All BoonEx Club Premium members are already registered as Contributors

and can test ORCA already now.

Download ORCA here:

BUT... it gets better!

Try to download the GPL version?

Download failed due to the following reason
Product is available for contributors only

And so you become a contributor how? Thought you'd never ask!

"You can become a contributor by donating $40 a month to ExpertZZZ. To do this you need to follow the Become a ContributorÃ√Â� link in

your member account."

OR you can contribute something significant to the community but you apparently have the cough up the 40 bucks to do that anyway... and how long is

the "something significant to the community" good for? Anyone's guess!

So, let's see now GPL for PAID MEMBERS ONLY? Is that GPL then?

As we said earlier, CAVEAT EMPTOR!

This Dolphin would have to be THE WORST piece of software EVER written.

On the rare occasion when it works, give it 10 mins and something will go wrong … if editing the source be sure not to touch the language file,

otherwise one false move in the admin section and it resets to the original file.

We’ve had major problems with Aewebworks and I would never recommend them. Their customer service is appalling. We requested a number of

modifications to their software for our site beginning October 2005 and it has taken months and months and months. The work itself had to be redone

becaust it was so sloppy. Our site is still not live.
In the last three months we have written on their forum and sent emails requesting that the issues be dealt with and they remain unresolved. We have

requested a refund in about three or four emails in the past three months and these emails have gone unanswered. Multiple requests for their office

address/phone number have been ingnored. I strongly regret buying their product in the first place. We are now seeking legal advice and contacting the

Kyrgyz Embassy in London for assistance.
As we are beginning our own sites and blogs, we will publicise as much as we can how poor they are, and will contact web writers at The Guardian

(London) to pursue this.
Avoid this company!
I think the Products from Boonex are ok, but what the are here writing about Support this is an big Joke.

For Livesupport, or visit the Premium Forums the people must pay 50$ per Month.

There it is to much for the Support in Livechat or Premium Forums well all Members who hat the Premium Account must nothing pay for delete the

Banner, or Linking in the Footer, but the must pay to for new Addons, or other Templates.

Well look like this, they must pay 20$ for another Template, or 20$ for the Zip Modules.

But when i look, i have 2 Sites , one of Dolphin and one of Barracuda, better i pay for all Linking an Banner Removel 80$ before i pay 50$ per Month

for Support in the Live Chat or Premium Forums.

But the Best is, when everybody going on to Translate the Language File in to another Language, Boonex will that you send the Translation to him,

thats no Problem, but the Problem is, all People who want hat this Translation must pay ???$ for the Language Translation.

The same is with the Modules, now look we at fun-mg make an Bridge for Connecting Dolphin with Mybboard, but i think when we send the File to

Boonex all People who want hat this must pay 20$ or more, but this is our Work, and we make a lot of Modules or another Modifikations, for the

Produkts in next Time, but we make it with the GPL-/GNU Lizenz.

The Same is with my German Translation File, i make them to going on with GPL-/GNU, and now i must look what makes Boonex, when every

People must pay ????$ for my Translation, so i wil inform the GPL-/GNU Foundation, and i think i will go to German Justice well the System is from

Boonex, but the German Translation is making from me, and when i say, there is going on, under GPL-/GNU so is it my Problem, but know boonex

say there is the Translation File from Boonex.

To this i can say LooooL


Erin Cox // Aug 14, 2006 at 3:14 am

Hi, regarding follow-up comments to my posting, the thing people have missed is that we paid for an Aewebworks site and were told support was

included. We also paid for additional modifications which took ages to do and some were included.

I find repeatedly on the net that people rate the technical side of software without giving a glace to customer service. Aewebworks and Boonex fail

miserably on this score.

I know aeweworks they are totally useless.Do not understand English or need for speed.

Boonex is an over priced product. They state ” 24/7 support” just e-mail a querstion see how long they take to reply.

Buy the licence then a monthly charge, for what?

Whoever, buys this is totally stupid!

Sounds Like You are from boonex, how can I tell????????????
because you are dead wrong in your comments, even about how great boonex is, appearently you dont get around much, except for your own little

world, search google and then tell us why its hard to find good words about them!!!! This is SPYWARE SO BEWARE
just get a nulled copy (which is legal)then its not too bad!!



I bought aedating for 690 dollars, as I liked the idea of lifetime updates.

Then this dolphin thing came along and I felt betrayed, but I said I give it a go.

I requested 3 upgradeds and 5 months later i was upgraded, and a week my site was hacked, and my hosting suspended.

I have since removed dolphin, and WILL NEVER USE IT AGAIN.

Alas I’ve lost 690 dollars over this, and am rightly annoyed.

I’ve never posted here before, and all I can say is AVOID BOONEX AT ALL COSTS
By: steve33 on Date: 03/27/06
Purchased the program for $690. I also paid them another $500 to transfer my database into the program. After paying them they never did the work

and ignored all emails. I then ended up hiring a programmer to transfer the database and fix all the bugs in the program (and there were many).

After spending another $500 to get all the bugs out the program crashed a lot and ran slow. The company completely ignores you when send them

emails. I finally scrapped the program and wasted close to two grand. These guys are nothing more than crooks, stay away.

You should also know that they also run their own dating site (http://www.lovecompass.com) and YOU are their competition.