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    Online Car trade scam from Poland

    just saw a car post on autotrader, volvo XC90 3600pound, I thought i was a wrong price, then i wrote an email to ask for the detail. then this is the reply:

    Firstly, I need to tell you that I recently moved to Poland due to my work.The car is here with me and it will be shipped to your requested address and all services are included in the asking price.
    Stay cool it's a RHD vehicle, UK supplied car (NOT AN IMPORT). HPI clear with UK plates.You will have along with the car, the papers that you need to register the car in your name.The car is still registered in UK.
    It is UK supply-Right Hand Drive and I can't registered here due to a different standard, practically I'm forced to sell it back in UK..

    The price is 3,600 with all the shipping fees included.

    Ill ship the car via Lufthansa Air Cargo, in maximum 3-4 days you will receive the car.Once Ill start the delivery, the shipping company will confirm you the exactly day and hour when the car arrive to your location.
    The transaction will be closed ONLY through a safe and secure method recommended and approved by Auto Trader.
    The payment will be handling by them (they will keep the payment details untill you will receive and inspect the car).You will benefit of 7 days inspection time period and the option to accept or reject the car.
    So if everything is ok let me know your full name and the shipping address and I will register you as my client.

    Thank you,
    Cristian Ingargiola
    ul. Konstantynow
    20-031 LUBLIN

    I don't believe this, do you ? and i think this is a scam. just be careful! that person use this email :[email protected]

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    Re: Online Car trade scam from Poland

    If you can't go see the car/job/money/hottie, it doesn't exist. ESPECIALLY if you're hearing about the car/job/money/hottie from an @yahoo email address.

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    Re: Online Car trade scam from Poland

    It's a scam. In this type of scam th ey always states that they are away or moved.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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    Re: Online Car trade scam from Poland

    It is a scam. Why take the car to Poland and ship it back again?

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