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    Erai Counterfeit Scam

    Read how semiconductor global counterfeit traffic evolved since year 2000
    with the help of American agencies like ERAI headed by Kristal Snider , Husband Mark Snider and family loyalist Ms. Terry lively of Plymouth MA and Naples Florida :

    http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/...Off0250636.htm :mad:

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    Re: Erai Counterfeit Scam

    All with documented evidences, photographs and recordings. :rolleyes:

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    Re: Erai Counterfeit Scam

    Some of ERAI worshipper who consider counterfeit expert Kristal Snider( Owner of ERAI-china ) as God Mother:

    Atlantic Semiconductor

    Corel Iberica, S.L.
    +34 914982087

    Granite IC Exchange

    Global Solutions Electronics Company

    Technology Trading Company / Sunset Products Intl. Inc.

    Kimtronics Inc

    Wish their love for ERAI survive longer even if it serve counterfeit virus to America.

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    Re: Erai Counterfeit Scam

    ERAI's lie on ISO certification


    see attached file.
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    Re: Erai Counterfeit Scam


    Abridged Edition:
    Soul searching: The ERAI’s vision of InDependent Distribution
    The major points are as follows: ERAI is a private for-profit business. They cannot pretend to be anything
    more “official” than any other private or public business. Like all for-profit businesses they are out to
    make a profit, therefore they are NOT representative of anyone’s interest but their own. Because of the
    relentless rhetoric used over the years in their broadcasts and marketing material: “Association”,
    “Member” , “WE” , “Representative”, and the organization of political-sounding bodies like:
    “committees”, “advisory panels”, etc., they have slowly created the erroneous perception that they are an
    entity for the people by the people. This is simply not true.
    Most companies joined the ERAI to simply receive bulletins on fraudulent companies. Period. Anything
    else is a fantasy. But, since many “customers” have been taken by this idea of representation, the ERAI
    has grown in influence and perception.
    Their leaders have recognized this and attempted to leverage it for their profit. Having seen their revenue
    base completely saturated at about 1000 members and their ancillary services become low margin
    commodities, they have made a bold effort to translate the built-up trust and reliance of their customer
    base to create an entirely different revenue model.
    Unfortunately, in order to build that trust, they have relentlessly declared that they would ONLY ever
    represent the interests of “independent distribution”. They have sold out on that idea and are opening their
    service to the entire electronics industry. They have made decisions to abandon their original concept as
    solely a bulletin service for fraud and to expand their operations to include “RECOMMENDED Buyer-
    Seller Programs” [emphasis added]. In order to better sell this idea to the OEM community, they decided
    to create an elite class of member that they felt would appeal to the OEM community: the so-called
    “Quality Assured” member. What normal members may not realize is that they will be excluded by
    definition from the recommendation process, yet they will fund the entire initiative.
    We consider it abhorrent and incredibly hypocritical that “founding members” arbitrarily gain exception
    for the elite tag without having to meet the primary qualification. ERAI needed to do this because it
    would have been impossible to segregate the membership without it and, at the same time, they could not
    upset nor impose an arduous requirement on long-standing members.
    The ERAI’s moves have nothing to do with caring about “quality”, “ISO”, or any other thing. In fact,
    ERAI disproves its own point when it makes the exceptions. Since 60% of the grandfathered elite are
    NOT ISO and yet are considered the ultimate model of quality, it follows that you DO NOT need
    ISO to be a quality supplier. The point is NOT the merits or non-merits of ISO. ISO is a choice for any
    company. If it works for you, great. If it doesn’t, fine. This could have been ANY standard. It is just a
    device to impose an arbitrary standard that will be appealing to the OEM community. Think about it. If
    you buy, hypothetically, for the moment, that ERAI is an organization representing all your interests, why
    wouldn’t all members have equal quality status? In America, aren’t you all one under the flag? What if
    there was a “democratically assured” American? Would you stand for it? It’s either everyone in the
    membership has to be ISO or it should be required of no one. But, of course, that would not be
    realistically possible. The fact is ERAI simply could not sell the OEM public on a thousand members. So
    instead they arbitrarily classify them by a standard they know will appeal to their “new” customer and sell
    everyone else out. If you are not an elite member and your OEM customer goes to the site after having
    been sold by the ERAI on “quality assured” and your OEM sees you are NOT “quality assured”, what
    will they think? Of course they will think your quality is NOT assured. Then, through the ERAI’s
    “RECOMMENDED Buyer-Seller Program” [emphasis added], they will seek out someone who is.
    Period. You’ve lost your long fought-for customer. Ask yourself: why would the ERAI ever recommend a
    plain member OVER a “Quality Assured” one?
    In this sense, the ERAI has completely changed the model and business concept that people originally
    subscribed to the service for. Look at the road they’ve already led you down. They couldn’t give any
    regular members a choice not to stay because they could not finance their new initiatives without the bulk
    of the membership fees. However, once they get to where they are going, I can assure you those members
    ARE expendable. This is the main danger. That, and the fact, that no matter how much you “love” the
    ERAI they have no right or cause to dictate anything to anybody. They are a vendor of services. Nothing
    less, nothing more. And, in an absolutely incredible and transparent attempt to swindle and coerce their
    paying customers into their new strategy, they have made grave mistakes and misplayed their hand. The
    ERAI can only swindle you if you refuse to open your eyes. They are NOT your protector or
    representative. And now that they have exposed themselves as being underhanded, hypocritical, and
    misleading, they are no better than the companies reported on their own broadcasts: they do not deserve
    your business.
    These are not accusations, assumptions, or whining from a company that doesn’t want to be ISO certified.
    They are bona fide facts drawn directly from the ERAI's own material. Anyone who wishes to understand
    that for themselves can read, in its entirety, the painstakingly, detailed argument set out in our
    comprehensive report. Or better yet, critically scrutinize the ERAI's own material for yourself.
    Lastly, and most importantly, E-source discovered the following:
    In our previous report, while checking the ERAI’s own ISO status we discovered a disturbing detail. The
    ERAI claims “ISO Certified” on their own profile, but when we checked an ISO verifier website
    (whosregistered.com), ERAI was nowhere to be found. It appeared, and still does, they falsified their
    profile and provided a bogus certificate number. So, we publicly challenged them. They have yet to
    answer that challenge directly. At the same time, we called on the broker community to find out for
    themselves. And you did. A third party confirmed for us that they called the ERAI, questioned their
    status, and an ERAI staff member confirmed they are NOT ISO certified. We have not verified this
    information directly for ourselves so we continue to ask you to do it for yourself as they make no
    disclaimer on their profile nor infer it has any other meaning. In fact, it reads exactly like other profiles in
    their database of companies that are legitimately certified. Nowhere do they inform the viewer that “they
    don’t really mean it” or anything else of the sort. Go to their website and check it out, or we will provide
    any interested company with actual screen shots taken from their site. If this information stands, there is a
    huge problem here. Where we come from, that problem is called lying, and that presumably constitutes
    FRAUD. ERAI is a bulletin service “dedicated” to identifying fraud so you can steer clear of it. If you
    verify they have committed the act themselves, then you must hold them to the same standard.
    Note: The ERAI has reportedly claimed that the ISO standard does not apply to their business type. Bull.
    1) It doesn’t matter. They “claimed” it on their profile and that’s the point. 2) The ERAI is a “service
    provider” and guess what? ... so are you.

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    Erai Counterfeits and Global solutions electronic- fort myer

    Companies like Global solutions regularly buy and spread counterfeits in USA with the help of ERAI network.

    Parts global solutions buy are from known counterfeiters and criminals, but still they choose to buy because they have power and support of domestic commercial association known as ERAI , it is operating as private police and watchdog. Please note that Global solutions have known history of regularly buying known counterfeits from known criminals, harping on ERAI support specially when 100s of crooks are on the roll of ERAI.



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