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    INDIA GANG RAPES TOTALLY staged by illuminati controlled gov, justice, media - agendas include supervised race war in US & EU[

    INDIA GANG RAAPES TOTALLY staged by illuminati controlled gov, justice, media - agendas include supervised race war in US & EU

    Leaders of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) are since 2010 TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati, as angelic Putin was killed and replaced by an imposter.

    illuminati media's INDIA GANG RAAPE broken record for dummie - agendas exposed worldwide first by LAST PROPHET

    1. Like any other case today non-stop "covered" by illuminati media, it's TOTALLY staged with actors.

    2. Another general goal for staging these kind of cases using ONLY actors, is illuminati's religion principle of HIDDEN in PLAIN SIGHT (1): tell to the human cattle that "we TOTALLY control your government, politics, justice, media".

    3. Another general agenda: having the human cattle robotically repeating that "Black is white", which also proes the truth of the illuminati religion.
    Black is white in this case: asians in general and indians in particular are rapists while in fact sexual assaults and sex slavery are much higher in the US and EU.

    4. "Black is white" pushed even further, as the indians protesting are in fact being used in the psy-op preparing the genocide of asians, in the race war to be launched in US and EU following the 2013 BIG BANG.
    In other words: same agenda as the staged "China owns you" acts.

    5. Acceptance of Death penalty, to be used to suppress protest.

    6. Rally the masses behind the illuminati puppets of the govermemt.

    (1) Talk of BRICS countries and actors "facing trial" in court while the illuminati pass the "we are in control" "Hidden in Plain Sight" message to the cattle:
    that was one of the general goals for the still ongoing theater staged in South Africa as
    "Blade Runner alias Blade Gunner Oscar Pistorius shoots his model girlfriend".

    Talk of this general goal and China:
    Chinese "communist" leaders and the actors playing "The two Last Popes, the real deal (Ratzinger) and the imposter as black Pope (fake identity Bergoglio)" starred in the most original way of illuminati passing "we control" message "Hidden in Plain Sight" to the cattle.
    Reminder: March 14 2013 - the very same day that for the first time in History the Vatican has two popes at the same time is also the first and only day ever that the Communist Party of China has two leaders (Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping both holding the title of General Secretary of the Central Committee).

    === Roles of imposter impersonating "Putin" since late 2010: from pioneer selling Black is White to detonating NOW as fake suicide bomber, like Obama

    === Psy-ops preparing the Supervised RACE WAR:
    Poster asks: "what about New Zealand?"

    Last Prophet replies:
    Psy-op "communist China owns you" is part of launching the US & EU Race war.
    The "China buys" psy-op ranges
    - from most profitable state owned portuguese corporation and largest single contributor for the state, Energy Supplier EDP (Portugal is since 2013 the world's leader in Renewable Energy Self-Sufficiency, over 70%.) ...
    - to USA and Smithfield Foods Inc. (SFD), the world’s largest hog and pork producer.

    poster from New Zealand replies:
    "China didn't do anything. Portugal's local elite have willingly thrown in their lot with the Chinese. "
    Last Prophet replies:
    You are denying the BASIC FACT: Leaders of Communist Party of China and governors of EU state Portugal, exactly like New Zealand's government, they ALL do whatever ONE and the same man tells them to do: Alexander Adolf Hitler.
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    Parallel scripts totally staged with actors

    Parallel scripts totally staged with actors: Sudan and Pakistan, playing islamo-fascist, and India.
    Possible thanks to illuminati puppet governments.

    Sudan: execution of christian convert postponed to let her give birth
    This as around Sudan these type of puppets playing islamo-fascist gov have been already either totally (Egypt) or nearly (Libya) destroyed.
    In Sudan itself freedom fighters advance, despite all the IV Reich (from China to USA) backing the terror regime.

    Pakistan: police plays innocent bystanders in the first act:
    Woman stoned by 100 members of her family in front of court of major city.
    Final blow to her head deliverd by her father.
    Family demanded $1000 to prevent stoning.
    "I killed my first wife, stoned Pakistani woman's husband says"

    India: 14 and 16 girls gang-raped and hanged from a tree: police.

    Notes - all three "news" from May 29, 2014
    I killed my first wife, stoned Pakistani woman's husband says

    Apostasy woman in Sudan sentenced to death forced to give birth 'with her legs chained'

    Indian teen girls gang-raped and hanged from a tree: police

    illuminati puppet playing islamo-fascist governments: from Sudan to Pakistan and beyond

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    500 and 1000 rupee notes would no longer be accepted in banks: beyond your comprehension

    India: banks no longer accept 500+ rupee notes: why beyond cattle's comprehension
    Poster writes:
    Stunning scene caught on video after Indian banks reopen!!!
    This is after the anouncement that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would no longer be accepted in banks!
    Why India did this is beyond anyones comprehension but i'm sure there must be some obscure reason behind it anyway take a look at the chaos that this mesure has brought!
    It's a mess out there in India!
    There is however a lesson to be learned and that is to be prepared for the worst at all times!
    So those of you who think that prepping is absurd think again...

    Last Prophet replies:
    You call "India" to the illuminazi puppet government. That's why it's beyond your comprehension.
    To get to what lengths treason goes: start with the "INDIA GANG RAPES" script.

    Brainwashed members of the illuminati sect acting as government of a country with a population of one billion people:
    India "democratically elected" government: its treasonous acts pale in comparison with "communists" "ruling" China
    Executing the Illuminati Grand Master's orders the Beijing puppets are carrying out a genocide that since 2007 cost the lives of 100 million chinese.
    This while having the same "communists" play the role of "biggest buyers of US debt", a script that:
    - will be terminated with the US shutdown chapter of the BIG BANG;
    - "coincidentally" shares the agenda "annihilation of financial assets of human cattle" with "Indian gov having 500 and 1000 rupee notes no longer accepted in banks".

    Video: Day 1 of the banks opening after 500 and 1000 rupee notes no longer accepted in banks
    Poster quoted from: Stunning scene caught on video after Indian banks reopen!!!

    INDIA GANG RAPES: staged by India puppet gov - from demonize indians before manhunt for non-whites in US and EU to legalize terror in India, including death penalty for minors.

    US shutdown script: Link to Obama's FULL detonation as illuminati suicide bomber.
    Obama sentenced to "death" for all sorts of "crimes": script to launch the FULL scale supervised race war.
    Preliminaries: welfare cuts caused by defaulting on social security payments.
    Agendas of the US shutdown theater include: annihilate the fake trillions in US debt supposedly held by ILLUMINATI puppets, a list led by "red" China and "liberal" Japan, as of Oct 2013.
    This while human cattle is stripped of pension funds and savings and faces compulsory "vaccination" against the super virus pandemic hoax, alias the REAL kill shot

    All in Blog
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