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    sigtracker.us - Anybody heard of them?

    Someone was asking me today if I had heard about sigtracker.us, and wanted to know it they're legit. I went to the site, and two glaring red flags for me are that there's no logo or company name anywhere on the site, and there's no contact information.

    It looks like they want people to enter names and other information into a database, from information on voter registration forms and petitions.

    I've never heard of them before, and I was considering going forward, reading the material and taking the qualification test; however I want to be sure I don't waste a bunch of time working for them, only to not be paid in the end.

    Has anyone here heard of them, and what was your experience dealing with them? :blunt:

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    Re: sigtracker.us - Anybody heard of them?

    Per the WhoIs info (domain registration) the website isn't even 3 weeks old (registered 25AUG2013).
    Click link and scroll down whois.domaintools.com/sigtracker.us.
    Quote Originally Posted by Domaintools
    I managed to backtrack that info to a company registered in Wyoming.

    Quote Originally Posted by wyobiz.wy.gov
    (If link expires goto wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingSearch and enter companies name in the search field.)

    The company was dissolved almost a year ago, apparently something to do with taxes.

    The company could have registered elsewhere. I checked in California at kepler.sos.ca.gov and no business by that name is found there.

    One odd thing I noticed.
    On the websites homepage it says;
    Quote Originally Posted by Sigtracker.us
    "Access to voter data is restricted by law. Every user must provide proof of U.S. citizenship and residency."

    I found that odd because if you check the WhoIs info above the website is hosted in Canada.
    Quote Originally Posted by Domiantools
    I also found this domain that expired last month;
    Quote Originally Posted by Domaintools
    That address also appears on the Wyoming business registration.
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    Re: sigtracker.us - Anybody heard of them?

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like these guys are pretty shady. I think I'll just back away from it.


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    Re: sigtracker.us - Anybody heard of them?

    Yep, sure have. They contract with some of the biggest campaign companies in the country. I make great money working on line, doing data management for them. Yes, their company is filed in Wyoming. Guess their website is hosted by a Canadian company, cheaper price. Their website isn't that old as they use to contract data management differently. But with more contracts comes more creative ways to access those to contract with, thus totally on line now. But if anyone is scarred, or doubts it, or doesn't want to contract with them, that's okay. Many do contract with them through Elance, but that's probably a scam, right? What......

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    Re: sigtracker.us - Anybody heard of them?

    Thanks to provide good information and i am searching from many times.

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    Re: sigtracker.us - Anybody heard of them?

    Hiding their contact information is not a good idea. I would not even bother with such a site at all.

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