Primerica rep Paul Patricelli from Grayslake Illinois and Lake County Illinois is not only a scammer, liar, fraud and cheat, he is also a BIGOT and RACIST. This criminal and his whole family hates JEWS and anyone else who is not LILY WHITE. This includes anyone who they might find is wholly or partially African-American, America or Eastern Indian, any Asian nationality, anyone who is not Gentile (he and his entire disgusting family HATES JEWS), black and any "dumb" Hispanic. This may not be known initially, as to complete a Primerica transaction and take your money, he does not care WHO you are!!! He laughs and hates you behind your back. It will become obvoius only when it is too late. Do not work for this HATEFUL liar, scam and racist clown. Do not buy ANYTHING from this horrific prejudicial person who treats ALL humans UNFAIRLY!
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