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    Scammed on craigslist

    I recently found this guy on craigslist who claimed to offer 50% off airline tickets. I applied to his posting.

    He claims he's a skymiles broker and deals with various clients who have more then 30 million miles combined. He claims to offer airline tickets for 50% off.
    Beware, this guy is a scam. He makes you pay with a prepaid debit/credit card called "Netspend" and has you do a cash transfer from your prepaid credit card over to another cardholder named "Johnny Soto". The card number he wanted the cash transferred over to is "4007 6724 8330 9929". However, once you do a cash transfer, you are not protected in anyway and he's just ripped you off. His name is Cameron Mitchell (if that is even his real name). The email address I've contacted him through are [email protected] and [email protected]. His ip address is and which comes from Sunnyvale, CA. He's given fake references and these are the email address of his fake references:
    1. Tom, [email protected]
    2. Dale, [email protected]
    3. Nick, [email protected]
    He's given two phone numbers but when you call it's just an answering machine.
    212-588-0449 and 714-866-3213.
    You can contact me for more details.
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    Re: test

    THANK YOU momo9618 for detailing this guy's operation.

    Unfortunately, I was taken for $350 by Cameron! It happened exactly as you stated. I even called my local police department, but they basically told me they have bigger fish to fry.

    Do you have any advice for recovering the monies I so ignorantly transferred to him? :confused:

    He has been very kind in all of his countless email correspondence. He told me his company has been in the hole for several months and doesn't have the money to refund me since a major deal fell through for him. It's unfortunate when trusting people like myself get taken advantage of.

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    Re: test

    riteo tiffany

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