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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    NAZI call for New World Order

    Gordon Brown, the next Prime Monster of Britain, says we need a
    New World Order, multiple times in one speech. What a prick.

    Just when you think you are getting rid of one New World Order
    crook (Tory B Liar), along comes another to fill his place. Out of
    the frying pan into the fire me thinks. Spouting NWO/Globalisation
    every other word will secure his position as the Globalists faithful


    Interesting how they openly speak about new world order
    and the likes and yet they go on to say things like this:

    I am truly humbled that so many of my colleagues have nominated me for the leadership of the Labour Party and I formally accept the nomination, the responsibility it brings, and the opportunity to serve the people of Britain.

    I will strive to earn your trust.

    To earn your trust in our schools, in our hospitals, in our public services, and to respond to your concerns.

    And by listening and learning, I want to become a voice for communities far beyond Westminster, to become a voice for the parent, the patient and the public, whom public services must exist to serve.

    Obviously, something like this is said so people vote for him.
    For him to gain the trust of the people. Then he turns around
    and says things like he did in the video.

    Tory B Liar, lol, who is just as much of a globalist as
    Gordon Brown is but nowhere near as reckless. Even if
    thats what his agenda is, I can respect the fact that he never actually
    came out with it in a speech like Gordon Brown did.

    Although Bush Senior beat Gordon Brown to it by a good 15 years...



    (This one needs the volume turning up. )

    maybe Mr.Brown got permission to use the "new world" slogan so that people wont blame him for the ongoing war protocols and say oh hes just following orders
    no matter how many times a politician mentions education or hospitals, hes still serving his masters and the corporate interest

    This has been understood, at least inchoately, ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Then the call was for a new world order. But a new order presumes a new consensus. It presumes a shared agenda and a global partnership to do it......
    .....Fifth, there can be no new consensus, no new order, no stability, without tackling the appalling poverty that afflicts nearly a half of the world's population .

    ...speech also included the striking image that, in the immediate wake of 11 September: "Out of the shadow of this evil, should emerge lasting good...This is a moment to seize.


    "The kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order this world around us."

    Ten years after the first President Bush promised a "new world order" that pledge has been renewed. His son may have no more than hinted in that direction, but his closest ally, Tony Blair, swore passionate allegiance to the concept this week.

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    Re: NAZI call for New World Order

    I have a friend in England and said they are so glad that BLOODY BOOB of an IDIOT is OUT they can't stand that bloody moron. Great articles you have submitted here! I applaud you!

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: NAZI call for New World Order

    Jabba-the-Hutt's Last Stand

    Stuart Wilde

    December 27th, 2004

    The mirror-world is interesting. In May I saw the Forces of Light start to gang up on the British Home Secretary, David Blunkett. In August he was unmasked in a sex scandal. He was "Mr. Morality," squeaky clean—law and order and righteous living were his mantras. Meanwhile, he was having a secret affaire with another man's wife. That is the human shadow in operation; living a dark life of great lies, while insisting on high standards for everyone else. Finally, Blunkett got caught in December, in another scandal fiddling some dodgy paperwork for his ex-lover's nanny. He had to resign. (See: Bingo! Plunkett Falls at Last).

    Three days ago there was a massive fight in the mirror-world, which took place in the collective unconscious of the British mind. Imagine it as an etheric dogfight in the mirror-world skies over sunny England. What I saw in that fight was that the Forces of Light are now after Gordon Brown, the one I call Jabba-the-Hutt. Gordon Brown is the finance minister, which is known as the Chancellor of the Exchequer over there. He is cruel, bulbous and mean. His blob-like features, oily skin, and crumpled clothes give him the air of man that once walked past a bath without ever discovering what function it might serve.

    They call him the Iron Chancellor, because he looks down on humanity with utter disdain, while he crushes the very life and soul of the British with endless tax and law. And when he's milked them for all they have got, he squeezes their pips and demands a bit more. Everything in Britain is twice or three times the price of it elsewhere in Europe and America. The crippling cost of daily life in Britain is the indelible mark of Jabba's podgy fingers round the throats of ordinary people. Brown is the epitome of the Fat Controller—arrogant, callous and mean.

    He is famous for selling the entire gold reserves of the country at the knock down price of $290.00 an ounce. Try as I might I can't discover how much gold was in the reserves, the figures seem very hush, hush. But it would have been many hundreds or even thousands of tons of gold that were sold. Gold is current trading at $444.00 an ounce. That would be several billion pounds that he has cost the British taxpayer in lost assets. Brown never did explain why he sold the gold reserves, but it is generally thought that he was part of a global conspiracy to drive down the price of gold at the time. I don't know if that is true or not, but selling Britain's gold reserves at the bang down rate of $290.00 an ounce looks either conspiratorial or plain stupid, one of the two.

    Many resented Blunkett because he imprisoned people without trial, but Brown takes the cake, he is truly, deeply hated by one and all. Small business people especially detest the imposition of endless paperwork that he requires of them that they can ill afford to tend to and fill out. My guess is that Brown will also go in a scandal. I'm pretty sure it's a sex thing. I might be wrong but I saw him in another vision an hour after the dogfight. He twitched and then did up his zipper (not a pretty sight). I can't say if it's rent boys or the French maid but it will be something like that, that's my guess.

    As far as I can tell, the Forces of Light are not allowed to hurt people but they can strip away a man's pretense, his mask if you like, and they can undermine the transdimensional ghouls that protect him so that his darkness comes out for all to see. Blunkett fell nine months after the Forces first gathered around him. But I reckon from watching the mirror-world battles this week that this is Jabba-the-Hutt's last stand. I reckon Brown will go sooner or later, to be replaced with a more kindly soul—hopefully, one that doesn't hate his fellow men and women, inflicting endless pain on them. Britain needs leaders that really care for their people not those besotted with power, regulation and ugliness.

    The Forces of Light don't seem to be after Tony Blair as yet, but that may well be because he's dying of a broken heart. It's self-inflicted. He went for cardiac treatment again recently. And at the end of all the pain and mayhem Blair created, what did he get for his trouble? He got the coalesced blood of the innocent under the fingernails of his soul, and he got ridicule and derision as a liar. The full extent of that won't become apparent for a few years until the 9.11 story collapses. Then on the upside, he got pomp and circumstance and a week's free holiday at Berlusconi's villa—spaghetti and a suntan by the reptile pond—not worth losing your soul over in my view.

    Poor Tony, he was abducted by an unseen, demonic force, trapped by self-importance to be carried away to a mirror-world hell with a broken heart on his sleeve, fatally wounded by the rat-a-tat-tat of his endless platitudes. He might win the next election but he doesn't have a spiritual prayer as a human, not long-term anyway. Tony Blair is a very cunning man but he will never escape. No one can escape his or her destiny especially not once the door closes.

    When he lied about Iraq in order to justify war he sealed his fate and then there is the matter of the mysterious death of Dr. Kelly, who might still crawl out of his early grave to bite our Tony on the bum. It is alleged that Dr. Kelly was murdered and that Tony Blair approved the hit. I know of no evidence to support this theory, though there is a lot of speculation as to how Dr. Kelly died. The official story and the facts don't quite gel, to put it politely. You may remember Kelly was the whistleblower who unmasked Tony Blair's lies over weapons of mass destruction and the phony threat of Saddam Hussein.

    Jabba the Hutt (Gordon Brown) is tipped to take over. Jabba is a slob, and cruel and heartless. He doesn't have a human soul. He is also a big liar, famous for obscuring the truth while hurting working people.

    He sold all of Britain's gold reserves at a knockdown price of $290.00 an ounce, as part of a worldwide conspiracy to force down the price of gold. No one knows if Jabba got a big back hander for that or not; the matter has not yet been looked into. But as gold was trading back then at $390.00, it is obvious that British taxpayers lost a bomb and someone in Jabba's sphere of corruption made a packet. Goodness knows how much of the British taxpayers' equity will go missing if Jabba takes over the top job.

    He and his wife had a baby recently; it took one look at its parents and dropped dead––poor little mite, very sad. If Gordon Brown ever comes to rule Britain then the Forces of Darkness will have triumphed.

    Tony Blair is a little fool but you can't really wish him any harm, but Jabba the Hutt is cold, mean and cruel. He will stir the nation's hatreds, because the disdain and hatred he has in his heart for humanity will act as a mirror. It will tap the darkness in the subconscious of the nation bringing it out.It's very bad karma for the British if Jabba the Hutt takes over as Prime Minister.

    Stuart Wilde

    I think Stuart is right on the mark with this guy.

    Arsehole retires now This prick is in.. Forces of darkness winning ..Iam moving. :eek:
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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: NAZI call for New World Order

    Britain and the Main Drain

    Stuart Wilde
    July 2007

    Gordon Brown, whom I affectionately call Jabba the Hutt, because of his blob-like features and his ability to flick out his tongue and knock a fly off a lampshade at ten feet, is now prime minister of Britain.

    This is very bad news for ordinary people. He’ll pass general laws for arrest without trial and the Brown Shirts will eventually be on the streets, while the country will have a lead blanket of swingeing legislation thrown over - the power of the Police State will be everywhere, much as it is today, but ten times worse and more scary. Brown marks the end of the British people and their way of life. This is closet fascism bought on by a dark entity in power and eventual economic collapse.

    Tony Blair has been appointed to head the Middle East Commission seeking peace in the Middle East, which given that Blair colluded with Bush to go to war and 650,000 Iraqi Moslems have now died, as well as 22,000 Afghan people of the same religion, seem a bit ludicrous. Blair is also well known for imprisoning British Moslems without evidence and treating them cruelly. Also, he is a virulent Zionist prepared to use violence to defend Israel so what currency he brings to equanimity and fairness is hard to see. It is like appointing Vlad the Impaler to head the Human Rights Commission - don’t you love it? It is such jolly interesting stuff.

    It is all headed for the main drain and once the Iran war starts up shortly anything could break lose. There will be a bit of argy-bargy for a few days then America will shoot a missile at itself and whack one of its own ships bobbling about down that way and crash, bang, wallop we’ll have another war.

    The Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka have a little craft shaped like a stealth bomber except it is only a few feet wide and it skims along the water with a one-man crew. It is so small and low it can’t be seen by radar. They have hit many government ships with this new innovation. I don’t know if the Iranians have been to Sri Lanka recently or not, but you would have to imagine they know about the craft.

    Lenny “boom boom” Mancini was a famous boxer from Ohio. He held the World Boxing Association lightweight championship in the 1980s. His son Ray became a boxer and they also called him “boom boom” Mancini because of his fast and furious fighting style. Whenever anything goes up in smoke suddenly we call it a “Mancini”.

    Are-M’-Jeans-So-Bad, the pressy of Iran, might not be quite as stupid as Bush and the Americans think, I reckon he’s looked up “boom boom” in the Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia and he’s got a trick or two up the sleeve of his K-Mart jacket.

    Gold is down below $650.00 right now, time to buy, I reckon.


    Stuie W.

    © Stuart Wilde - 2007

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    Re: NAZI call for New World Order


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    Re: NAZI call for New World Order

    I wonder if the LUNATIC WOMAN will keep playing Once over the Fitzpoo scam dot com NOW that she will know that Fitz poo LOVES THE TRUTH

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    Re: NAZI call for New World Order

    Quote Originally Posted by galaxy View Post
    I wonder if the LUNATIC WOMAN will keep playing Once over the Fitzpoo scam dot com NOW that she will know that Fitz poo LOVES THE TRUTH
    Your demented...of course, I rather have fun....why haven't you dropped by lately???? Afraid?????? All you do is post and run...never back anything up with substantial links that prove your points!!!!!
    I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~Emma Goldman

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    Re: NAZI call for New World Order

    Come and gather roound and lets see wht you hav been missing : http://scam.com/showthread.php?t=3692 +++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Do not pay any attention to a that lunatic she loves to lie about everyone she is the trouble maker here and she never makes any sense, you know she has flown over the COO-COO's nest too many times

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    Re: NAZI call for New World Order

    And this one too is very educational http://scam.com/showthread.php?t=36892

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