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    Cornelius Guest

    New HBW Mortgage Webcast

    Feel free to watch the HBW Mortgage Webcast on Tuesday May 22, 2007
    5:30pm EDT / 4:30pm CDT / 3:30pm MDT / 2:30pm PDT / 1:30pm Alaska

    Click on HBW Webcast. Then type your Name and State. Ex: CorneliusCA

    Nationwide, No licensing required, Experienced and No Experience, Full-time or part-time.

    If you are just looking to supplement what your currently doing we have a program for you.

    No Recruiting Requirements for Promotion. Promotions based on production only

    No production requirements to maintain attained levels

    Totally Non-Captive. You can work other businesses if you so feel to do so.

    No Replacement. You keep your entire organization upon promotion

    If you do recruit a team, you have instant ownership of that team.

    If you have any interest in HBW mortgages feel free to contact me.

    Cornelius Key

    ***Webcast is every other Tuesday, please consult schedule on webcast page*** If you have any questions you will also be able to ask during Webcast.


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    Re: New HBW Mortgage Webcast

    How about no advertising.

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    Cornelius Guest

    Re: New HBW Mortgage Webcast

    If that is a board policy I will abide by it. Thanks.

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