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    Helium.com Rips Off Work-at-Home Writers!

    Helium.com is a scam site - they delete articles written by their own writers that discuss how little a typical writer earns on the site. Moreover, they censor content that criticizes Helium and ban users (without compensation for what they have already written!) who raise too many questions or flag too many plagiarized articles (presumably because more articles = more money for the site, even if they are copied!). Do NOT write for Helium. If you don't believe me, do a Google (or Google News) search for Helium.com and/or Helium.com scam, etc...

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    Re: Helium.com Rips Off Work-at-Home Writers!

    Thats a shame. If you are looking to write for money you may want to look at associated content, i have only heard good things about them.
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    Re: Helium.com Rips Off Work-at-Home Writers!

    You can try other websites, there are many options available. I have observed that Helium blocks visitors from other countries
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