Hard as it is to believe, my friend has fallen victim to an internet scam and lost $9000 over it. The criminal con method used involves hiring you via email as a payment representative charged with receiving money orders (Postal Money Order or Washington Mutual or any other counterfeit checks) and depositing them into your bank account before withdrawing cash to send to a third party, keeping 10% of the money handled as your commission.

The cons then will start to call you and rush you to send the money via Western Union ASAP. If you comply, you will soon confront a negative in your bank account, which is the case with my friend.

The criminals involved in this case are:
1. the sender of counterfeit checks by the name of Lloyd O. Harvey at 1235 School Rd. Avonmore PA 15618. Ph#: 1-800-282-3615, Email:[email protected] But the name on the UPS envelope is Harvey McGowan 1245 135th St. Cleveland OH 44112.

2. Robert Kent, 88 Wood St., London, EC2V 7QT UK, Ph#:44-2070992104. Fax: 44-20-7681-3019. Emai:[email protected]

3. Paul Green, who is the mastermind and identical with Robert Kent, is a South African black who at the time of crime was in Dubai, UTE. He has accomplices by the names of Mark Brown and Tunde Long in Abuja, Nigeria.
He has several phone numbers: 973-482-3624; 2348058509641; 233246831363.

Other criminals linked with this fraud case include Alice Abel, 19242 Nelson Court, Valley Lee, MD 20692.
Dr. Pecovitch, 1449 Cape Cod Cir. Fort Collins, CO 80525.
Tom Agi, and John Ike, Lagos, Nigeria.
Sender of counterfeit Washingto Mutual Personal Money Orders:
Avan Inc. 1611 Joseph Court, Norcross, GA.

Of course, some or all of the above mentioned suspects may have used aliases and may use other identities in contacting you.
So ignore scam emails similar to this fraud but do help stop this rampant crime by reporting it to www.ic3.gov and your local FBI. Together we can bring the criminals to justice. If you happen to have information about the above criminals, please let us konw via this email address. We'll thank you by rewarding you for information that lead to apprenhension and indictment of the criminals.