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    Interesting "Chocolate Jesus" debate

    I've seen Bill Donahue, the president of the Catholic league, make media appearances before.

    The way he behaves in this clip is offensive and annoying. Mind you, everyone has the right to be offensive.

    This artist has given us a great and beautiful work of art. The medium is great, and I'm not at all bothered by Jesus' genitals. I don't focus on that. It's an interesting work of art.

    This guy and a lot of people he represents choose to get offended over things that are so stupid. If these people were moral, they would spend time getting offended over the fact that 30 000 children starve to death, or about American corporations like General Electric selling landmines where civilians tend to be the victims.

    The stuff people get upset about just shows who they really are and how superficial their values are. If I were the artist, I wouldn't have bothered replying, talking to or asking any questions to Donahue. I would simply say: "It's a shame people are so shallow and awful."

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    Re: Interesting "Chocolate Jesus" debate

    I'm just interested to know if he has any leftover chocolate he needs to get rid of.
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    Re: Interesting "Chocolate Jesus" debate

    The artist's first statement was the correct one. He should not have changed it. Art should shock people. It should draw out a reaction... positive or negative... doesn't matter. The reaction is what makes one examine their values/character/morals, etc... Our reactions is what makes art live.

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    Re: Interesting "Chocolate Jesus" debate

    So here's the thing. Christianity as a whole does not, as far as I know, have any rules regarding creating images of Jesus the same way Islam prohibits images of Mohammed. So given that images of Jesus, and Jesus on the cross are very common throughout Christianity, I fail to see how this causes offense.

    Is it because it's made of chocolate?
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