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Thread: Magical Egypt

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Magical Egypt

    Obeisance I Make
    Engulfed in Radiant Fury
    Amon - Ra
    The Hidden One
    Takes my sight that I might See

    Blinded I cry Out
    In Gratitude
    Tears Streaming
    I Return unto the Sands

    Burnt Charred
    I behold no God

    I Become Divine


    growth and growth is a four dimentional process

    Magical Egypt

    i am watching a series called magical egypt. among other things it is about the ancient egyptians being alot more ancient and knowledgable than currently thought and how their understanding of the universe, nature, math, etc was handed down from far more advanced civilications tens of thousands of years older than them. it is sooooooooo cool. i downloaded the series from a free torrent site. you have to be patient for the downloads but it is well worth it!

    complete series..


    you can download torrents. first download bit torrent from http://www.bittorrent.com/ then use a torrent search like isoHunt or torrent spy to find the videos. if you type "magical egypt torrent" for example into google search it will give you a bunch of links to the downloadable videos.

    you don't have to buy into all the hype in these videos (the good ones have less than the others) but the new research and findings is very compelling and certainly in the direction i think we should be heading. you have to remember that there is little monetary gain in research - it comes from books and videos - hype sells videos.

    Part two was really good if I remember it correctly. Especially the part with the distance of stars matching those stones

    they were important because of the central place the sun had in many ancient cultures. a certain number of years BC, roughly 10 500 BC.

    I watched a program on the discovery channel or national geographic channel or something like that called the unfolding universe. At one part of the show they said that dead stars could possibly form a kind of electrical/energy type of life deep inside it and automatically magical egypt came to mind. On the 8th episode of Magical egypt they were talking about how the egyptians knew about the stars sirius A and B, and B is a brown dwarf. They also stated that the egyptians believed all life came from sirius, so could it be that maybe we really are from sirius and this electrical/energy lifeform is our spiritual counterpart, if in fact we do have one? Anyways, I thought it was interesting, I don't really know where they got this info but interesting nonetheless.

    Within these video's contains many examples of the awesome comprehension and vastness of knowledge and wisdom possessed by the ancients. The understanding they possessed is so far reaching that it completely overshadows modern understanding about the inner workings of human consciousness and nature and the sacred arts on every level.

    My favorites of which are the pictures on the walls that maybe showing what a sperm cell looks like which is impossible without a rather powerful microscope which they of course did not possess. The other which is the obvious pink elephent in the room, is how does a civilization start off at it's pinnacle and somehow dwindle down from there.

    It defies all logic seeing as how you don't walk before you crawl. Yet the Egyptians were apparently running like olympian marathon runners before ever even crawling and then went backwards. There is only ONE explanation to date which can explain this feat that defies the logical and natural progression of life and society and that is through the intervention of someone who had to already have possessed all of this knowledge. But don't let me tell you what to think. Let he who has eyes see for themself.

    Episode I - The Invisible Science

    Episode II - The Old Kingdom and the Still Older Kingdom

    Episode III - Descent

    Episode IV - The Temple In Man

    Episode V - Navigating the Afterlife

    Episode VI - Legacy

    Episode VII - Illumination

    Episode VIII - Cosmology

    Episode I - The Invisible Science

    - Good introduction to the series. Basically introduces us to the hidden concepts behind the architecture in many different ways, from astrology to spiritualism. Gives the series concept that the Egyptians were highly intelligent, innovative people whose doctrine of peace, astrology/other related and afterlife ruled their society.

    Episode II - The Old Kingdom and the Still Older Kingdom

    - Very interesting part here. Talks about how the Sphinx is likely to be 12-13,000 years old with clear proof of weather erosion in the region possibly dating back to the last ice age or further, which if i remember maybe a staggering 36,000 years. Also explains that evidence suggests that the Egyptians were at their height much earlier than thought and built on what their ancients started, with knowledge passed down to the later Egyptians over the 3000 years they spanned.

    Episode III - Descent

    - Talks about how the ancient Egyptians may have lost their knowledge over the years with ideas of natural progession, and natural disaster cycles and such. Also refers to the 'seasons' of humanity over something like 12,000 years, which the greeks refered to as Iron, Bronze and Golden Ages. It appears the last Golden Age ended with the fall of the Romans and Egyptians and we have been building back that knowledge since we fell back into the 'dark ages' a several centuries ago.

    Episode IV - The Temple In Man

    - The best part of the series. Profiles the 'Temple of Man' that runs from Karnak (sp) to the site. The whole temple is a place of education and is designed in perfect harmony to the human body and the running and attributes of the human body in many different ways.
    WARNING: Wall carvings near the end depict a rather large ejeculating phallus! :eek:

    Episode V - Navigating the Afterlife

    - Talks about the afterlife, and the temple that gives a very in-depth 10 stage guide depiction on the walls of the tomb/temple that basically tells you the things you have to do and to pass into the afterlife.

    Episode VI - Legacy

    - tells of what the Egyptian have done for us in our scientific beliefs.

    Episode VII - Illumination

    - Profiles a temple that on a certain day, lights up a passage to 'illuminate' a king. It talks about the Egyptians and their beliefs on enlightenment or the illumination of spirituality/physicality/mentality.

    Episode VIII - Cosmology

    - This compares the Dogon ideas and knowledge to our knowledge today. Mainly it is an interview with an author of the book about the subject. Quite interesting match-ups with our sciences and Dogon sciences in terms of them knowing graphically what we have only just found out in the last 100 years. Where did they inherit or learn this knowledge from?

    is very interesting.

    It is comparing the Dogon of West Africa to the Egyptians in sciences.

    The Dogon appear to know how many electrons Hydrogen and Oxygen have. They appear to have comparable theories of mitosis and such from their beliefs.

    They appear to know shapes of quantum strings and particles and such.. these i things i know little about, but they also knew that sirius has a dwarf star that orbits sirius, which we didnt discover until 1950.

    The whole series is great, it explains a lot about Egypt and their culture and advanced knowledge.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Magical Egypt


    Here is a link to the search result page containing all episodes of the series. Not in numerical order but numbered


    If you like the Magical Egypt series you may also like the quest for the lost civilization series. It investigates Egypt, Japan and many other places which all seem to have a certain date in common





    Ancient temples, lucid dreaming, ancient string theory and lots and lots of desert sand. classicaljunk Here's a link to the documentary about the Great Sphinx. The theory that made J A West famous.

    Here's a link to a documentary which goes deeper into the underwater complex off the coast of Japan. Not much new but if you've seen the series above you'll see familiar faces.

    Seven wonders of the ancient world

    Videos about some prophecies regarding the sphinx. The second video is about many more prophecies but it's nice if you're feeling nostalgic. I think it was made around 1997.


    Why don't they allow that chamber under the sphinx to be excavated? Is there something down there someone doesn't want us to know about?

    I have heard of the tomb under the whole of the sphinx...but i am not that familar with a smaller chamber under the foot, but have heard zahi hawass dismiss it. I think he has a certain reputation though and dimisses most unconventional theories for the sake of his position. Edgar Cayce is very interesting though.

    dr Hawass. When he was interviewed in the quest for the lost civilization ( see above) he seemed to be saying that he knew more about geology than geologists and simply dismissed everything that didn't back up his own findings. Main stream scientists are seldom open minded.

    the spring solistace at chichin-itza. They have a thing at night where they have lights setup to show the snake going down the side of the pyramid.

    ancient american is a pretty good source for history that doesn't fit into mainstream theories. http://ancientamerican.com/

    here's Atlantis uncovered

    and if you aren't already fed up with the sphinx http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...81843574621580

    Schoch and West somewhat agree on the age of the sphinx but they seem to disagree on a lot. Schoch is the academic and plays that role so he won't lose his credibility. The reason they were the only voices of opposition was probably that nobody else was willing to participate. What other scholars would want to be seen in a documentary concerning those topics?

    Secrets of the incas - war against time


    Atlantis in the Andes


    this is a pretty good one about yugos/world ages/space time. http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...+year%22&hl=en

    The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

    I found this fascinating

    Monuments To Life, The Hidden Secrets of Mankinds Past Revealed (Graham Hancock)
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...84776624803674 It's long but I thought it was worth it.

    Ancient technology


    Mysterious-World - Search for Ancient Technology http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...23348544378743

    i also found these videos by micheal tsarion on the subversive use of occult symbolism in media...sooo fascinating. a little off topic but still pertinent to discussions of ancient mysteries b/c of how old and engrained and powerful these symbols are. thought you might find them interesting.

    this is part one of 11


    here's a scifi channel documentary that only touches on tsarion's ideas about atlantis


    another video on tsarion and atlantis


    the secret mysteries of america's beginnings: the new atlantis? i couldn't find it on google video and had to download it from

    fenopy http://fenopy.com/?keyword=The+Secre...&search=Search.

    it would fall under the conspiracy theory category more than ancient mysteries because it deals mostly with masons, knights templars, governments etc. i guess where it deals with esoteric religions there is a tie-in to ancient mysteries but i'm mentioning it more just b/c i thought it was pretty good and that you might like it if you have time to watch it. it is a little long and a bit broad and scattered at times but overall has some good points.

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...37908393908335 -

    The Atlantis connection.

    I downloaded this video only to find I had already seen it on TV. It's a good documentary.
    http://www.veoh.com/videos/v307792h7xXm9B7 - The lost civilization of Peru.

    I can recommend this too.
    http://www.veoh.com/videos/v2982536ZTMNWqS and part 2 http://www.veoh.com/videos/v298252CwWkjFCm - Ancient Chinese inventions.

    Jorden Maxwell on supressed ancient history


    I Hath Been Immersed Head Down.
    In that, Which Floweth In Abundance from the Slaughtered Ones.
    I Hath Been Made to Eat Feces and Drink Urine.
    I Lay in Chains before the Undying Flames.
    I am Helpless in the Presence of He Who is Master of the Pits of Fire.
    I am Humbled and Broken in the Presence of Those Who Shall Consume My Shade in the Pits of Burning.

    I Didst Bow in Homage to the Spawn of Set.
    I Hath Kneeled in Homage to the Servants of Shesses.
    In Rebellion, I Did Recite the Formulae of Rites in Glorification of the Lords of Filth.
    I Hath Recited the Formulae of Rites in Glorification of the Lords of Wickedness.
    He Who Hath Dominion of Khenti-Amenti Hath Uttered,

    "Hack in Pieces and Cut Asunder the Bodies of Mine Enemies and the Members of the Dead Who Hath been Turned Upside Down.
    Scatter in Pieces Their Shades.
    They Shall be Cast Down Headlong into the Pits of Fire.
    They Shall not Escape nor be able to Flee From the Flames Which Art in the Serpent Set-Heh."
    I burn.

    My Heart Desires to Burn in the Pit of Fire.
    Allow My Ka to Blaze in Flames and be Utterly Consumed.
    I Stand in Submission Before the Living Uraei of Flame Who Hurls Forth Burning Heat Against The Tongues of Those Who Hath Spoken Evil.
    Incinerate Me in the Pits of Burning.
    Sear Me in the Pits of the Damned.
    Immolate Me in the Pits of Torment.
    I Seek only the Charnel Bliss and the Blackened Caress of the Burning Pits of the Duat.

    I Burn.
    I Burn.
    I Burn.
    I Burn in this Tomb of Fire.
    I Burn in this Tomb of Fire.
    I Burn in this Tomb of Fire.
    I Burn in this Tomb of Fire.

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    Re: Magical Egypt

    Not sure what this has to do with anything ........

    The Son And Family Name Lie

    Mitochondria DNA is only inherited from the mother. It’s not a mixture of both parents’ genes, like nuclear DNA, so it preserves a family record that isn’t scrambled in every generation.

    Question: What is the meaning of the word mitochondria?

    The word Mitochondria is from the New Latin: Greek mitos, warp thread + Greek khondrion, diminutive of khondros, meaning "grain, granule."

    Question: So you are saying that if a couple doesn’t have a daughter, then their genes disappear?

    Answer: That is absolutely correct. If a woman fails to have a daughter her genes disappear, because the mitochondria DNA does not pass on. The same way you are taught that a family name disappears if a son is not born, so it is with mitochondria. This was a deliberate attempt by men to suppress the dominating gene in women, by placing the philosophy that without a son, the family lineage dies. This is not true, if a daughter is not born in the family, then your genes disappear, because the mitochondria DNA can only be inherited by the female of the family.

    Sacred Records Of Neter: Aaferti Atum-Re
    Scroll 1:109-113

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