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    Has anyone ever seen a house listing from this?

    What a joke and complete waste of time.

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    Re: www.JustListed.com

    Your request will be forwarded to a Licensed Real Estate Professional for processing.
    They do not have listings.

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    Re: www.JustListed.com

    I joined this company as a real estate agent looking to forward my sales career only to pay $319.00 per month for 6 leads or homebuyers. Each month from October 2006 of last year to now. I get leads with no addresses either no Phone numbers or just all out fake information. Your lead eventually turns into a non-deliverable email address that cannot be returned after 24 hours. Because it is over 1-5 months that you are sending home listings to this ghost person that you hope is someone interested in your services. This company (House Values) does not check the leads that they send to us (Real Estate Agents) who pay for the service but they tell you anything to get you in. They tell you to just send out the home listings to the email address that comes into you until you get a response, Call the numbers to speak with the person who sent you the information. However, if the information is fake you will find your self-calling a person who maybe on the do not call list you can 1. Try to explain to the person how you got their phone number and pray that they do not file charges on you. On the other hand, you can keep calling the company to have their representative tell you that you are not working your leads properly. I have totaled up all the money that I have spent so far and I feel like just crying. I can be doing other things with it. I have contacted the Business Burro in Maryland to see what can be done. As a mother & grandmother who needs the money that she has to take care of her family I implore you to check with your broker before you lock your self into something that sounds to good to be true.

    If you are a Real Estate Agent trying to file a class action suit please post the name of your attorney hear I will be the first person to call him or her to get in on this problem.

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    Re: www.JustListed.com

    We can use all the help we can get. The first thing I am asking you to do is file complaints with the State of Washington BBB, Attorney General, and the FTC, I supplied the links below. The second thing is email copies of your complaints to Lisa Nicola at NAR ( so we can prevent housevalues from being an exibitor at the conventions), and also call Marcia Tayback, she is the assistant attorney for FAR.




    Also email copies of your complaints to Lisa Nicola at NAR (convention coordinator), so that we can stop them from being an exibitor at the NAR conventions. Her email address is Lnicola@realtors.org

    Also after you file a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General, send an email to Sandra, who is one of the assistant attorneys there and tell her your situation, her email address is CCrcman@atg.wa.gov

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