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    protect yourself fron the Mystery Secret Shopper Scam ( fraudulant checks)

    Hi I am an unemployed mother of a disabled child. I have a lot of job searches on the internet andI recieved an email to be a Mystery Secret Shopper. I received my first assignment in the mail with instructions and a check for $1680.00. I wasted a half a tank of gas looking for a bank to cash this check I even went to my personal bank but I was very unsure about this job (I wish I had thought of this before getting in the car).

    If you receive a check in the mail:

    Do an internet seach using the bank name and location. Most banks will have a toll free number. Make sure you have the check in hand when you call. You need to reach the customer service department of the bank. Give them the check number and any information from the check they may request. They will be able to tell you if the check is legit or not.

    This helped to protect me from the Mystery Secret Shopper scam. Please forward this quick and easy tip that you can do from home to protect yourself and others. Do not be a victim of a scam and stop scammers in thier tracks.

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    Re: protect yourself fron the Mystery Secret Shopper Scam ( fraudulant checks)

    You are completely right in a sense. IF you receive a check in the mail for something you weren't expecting, you shouldn't cash it ever.

    Mystery shopping is no different than any other job. If you want to be a shopper, you need to apply and pass the tests. They will NEVER send you a check out of the blue and ask for part of it to be sent back. While mystery shopping is real, the scammers have taken advantage and are using the names of these companies to sucker people in to cashing these fake checks.

    To become a mystery shopper, you will need to fill out a REAL application with a REAL company, take tests to show you understand the job (not once, but for each type of job) and get accepted. You will NOT get paid until the job has been done to the clients satisfaction.

    You will NEVER get a check for over a thousand dollars for a single job either.. most jobs pay between $10 and $50.

    Like surveys, it's a great way to make some extra cash but in most cases, you won't make a living.. it's another egg in your basket allowing to stay at home and make some money.

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    Re: protect yourself fron the Mystery Secret Shopper Scam ( fraudulant checks)

    That is so sad to make you take trips around town trying to search for a place to cash in your check. I think now people will learn more information and how to avoid this scam mystery shopper companies. Personally I do not use them.

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