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    Are Tony Robbins and other motivationals a fraud

    Read a recent interview of tony Robbins and googled him along with Silva mind control,Landmark( the old EST,werner erhard) NLP etc etc. My question is this: are these motivational speakers really a scam. Tony does his Firewalkers demonstration. is it all a hoax?. he makes about $30 million a year giving these seminars. it seems too good to be true. makes money from books,CD,etc,etc. it is like religion to some so that is why I posted it here. all remarks and comments welcomed:judges:

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    Re: Are Tony Robbins and other motivationals a fraud

    Some motivation speakers are fraudsters and others are legit. I heard one of Tony's tapes before and he seems fairly legit. He doesn't talk about magic powers or evil spirits. It's mostly common sense stuff that actually helps some people. Simple things like making a list of today's goals instead of winging it and randomly doing things. Being able to check things off as you do them feels rewarding and a person might try a bit harder to accomplish everything on the list. It the World of Warcraft theory - people will kill sheep for an hour to finish a quest instead of simply abandoning the quest. Some motivation speakers will say that you should have a calender on the wall and you should mark things on it. Carry a pen and paper at all times so you can write down thoughts and ideas. Maybe start keeping a journal because some people think better when forced to write their ideas down in a logical order.

    The good motivational speakers stay in reality. The bad ones are not only worthless, but they can have a negative influence on society as a whole. For example, look at that book The Secret. That and things like it put forth the idea that your thoughts have physical influence on reality. That's great when things are good, but what happens if you get stabbed or raped? Obviously your being stabbed is your fault because your thoughts made it real. Do you think that mentality would increase or decrease your self esteem?

    Neuro-linguistic programming is real, and that's a fact. It has been used probbaly as long as humans have been able to speak. Example: do you support an estate tax? A lot of people will say yes. Do you support a death tax? A lot of people will say no. What if I said they were the same thing? Your estate is taxed when you die, so both are accurate descriptions, but the way people feel about it depends on the wording. Lots of studies have been done to test the effects of language or symbols, and basically all of them come to the same conclusion. In one study, a group of test subjects were given a test with a big, red "A+" written at the top, and another group were given a test with "F" at the top. The group with the A+ papers scored far better than the group with the F papers. Simple things have dramatic effects on mood and behavior. NLP as therapy would probably involve removing negative words from your vocabulary. Instead of saying you lost a bet, say that you did not win the bet. You're still saying posive words like win, achieve, or good.
    The way you communicate also affects how others treat you. One example of this is the order of saying things. People usually remember the last feeling they had when you were around, so that means you should always try to end on a high note. People who do stand up comedy always save their best joke for the end and they call that their closer. Comedians also say that it's important to start strong. That's good advice when you want to communicate with someone like you boss. Start on a high note, then serious stuff, then end on a high note. There was a Seinfeld episode about this. Every time George said an awesome joke, he would use that as his cue to leave.

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