This company claims to have been started by Jesse Jackson and they are an association of 3,000 members that are in place to make sure that organizations are not scamming athletes. They are the true scam, a good friend of mine is friends with the CEO Andre Farr and she thought that it could be a good fit if I joined the BSAA. I am in the financial industry and a former athlete so Andre Farr called me and interviewed me and made sure that my company had the utmost integrity and I would be on of the few companies in my field in their membership. The membership fee was $2,500 and you had to do at least one deal with the association member in a 12 month year. We had to go Los Angeles for new member orientation it turns out that about 200 people was at a gala style gathering with celebrities and it was looking like an exciting opportunity. The following day as I was waiting for a list of the 3,000 members and how I would do business with them, they had several different speakers that was there to sell their service to the new members and the majority of the members was in the same financial industries business. We suspected that the only members are the individuals that they dupe for $2,500 and they give an extravegant party to make them seem legitimate. I waited for months to see what materials I would receive for paying this membership and when my membership was about 2 months to expire for the year, I called them to set up some calls with other Executive members that I was going to try to do business with them on a level to at least recoup my money. Andre Farr's office told me that I needed to pay $2,500 for a membership renewal before they would set up the call. He never returned any calls or emails that I sent and ignored the letter my lawyer sent him. He is a scam artist and he needs to have his operation shut down. There were about a dozen other people that I spoke with that felt the same way about the BSAA he charges just little enough to not make it your while to take him to court but enough to feel the financial sting. Buyer Beware!