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Thread: Scams by Email

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    Scams by Email

    I have been getting so many blatant scams sent to me by e-mail (not spam but real scams) that I have decided to start posting them on a blog for all to see. I can't believe that people can get away with this sort of activity and I certainly can't believe that anybody would respond to these. But then again, somebody must be responding because they keep coming. I have posted 4 at this point and will continue putting more on at the end of the day when I get home from work. I wonder how many other people are receiving these? I have posted these at Scams by Email. I would love to hear if others are also getting these and if anybody has done anything?
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    Scams by Email
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    Re: Scams by Email

    Can I forward my spam to you?
    I have four accounts and only average 1200 or so spam messages a day. Most go straight to my Yahoo accounts trash bin and I don't even bother to read them. But your free to look through them if you'd like. :)
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    Re: Scams by Email

    If you post your email at any message board, you are sure to get lots of spam

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