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    World Trade Center being destroyed on the 10,20,50,100$ Bill.

    The World Trade Center Being Destroyed on the US 10$ Bill and the US 20$ Bill.


    Go to WWW.Foldingmoney.com to see how to fold the 10$ and 20$ bill to see the World Trade Center being destroyed on our money. The whole sequence from the time the two planes hit the towers in New York is on the 10$, 20$, 50$ and 100$ Bill. Check it out this site is really interesting. The 100$ Bill shows just the smoke billowing up.

    Douglas Bickford

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    What is on the $10 bill?
    Grab a $10 dollar bill and try this:

    Step 1: Fold the bill in half

    Step 2: Fold the back left up
    (see image below)

    Step 3: Fold the back right up
    (see image below)

    The Twin Towers Ablaze

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    If you fold the Ten dollar bill correctly you can see an image of the Twin Towers during the 9-11 attacks. Also do you notice the building in front of the tower on the left. It is also on the image on the $10 bill.

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    Re: World Trade Center being destroyed on the 10,20,50,100$ Bill.


    http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse....i?u=911_morons There's a site for you. Scroll to the bottom.

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    Re: World Trade Center being destroyed on the 10,20,50,100$ Bill.

    It is amazing how people make money with conspiracy theories.

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    Re: World Trade Center being destroyed on the 10,20,50,100$ Bill.

    Very Stupid!
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    Re: World Trade Center being destroyed on the 10,20,50,100$ Bill.

    You know if you take a one dollar bill you can make George Washington turn into a mushroom! So is it a conspiracy that our first president was a mushroom? What you should ask yourself is how old is the bill you are using? Is it brand new? Or way before 9/11 happened? I mean there are suppose to be hints of the Illuminati on our money as well.
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