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    Please help! My dad had bank info stolen. need info,

    My dad called yesterday telling me $1,100 had been stolen from his account. Hes 75 and would never give any personal information unless you were standing in front of him and he knew you. Anyway the bank is investigating but I looked up the websites that were listed as charges and they all came back as phone cards and conferencing. One of them is comxo.com and when I went to its contact us it was based out of UK, another one was some credit card authenticator. If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know.

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    Re: Please help! My dad had bank info stolen. need info,

    At this time it sounds as if only his bank account as been used correct? What does you father do with his monthly statements? Does he shred them, or just throw them away?
    One of the most common ways account info is gathered is by going through someone's trash. It's also possible that someone snapped a picture of his debit/CC numbers with a cell phone camera while he was using it at the market. A company he regularly deals with may have an employee that is stealing the information. The ways this information can be gathered are endless. Some of these methods can be easily defeated, shred important documents, or almost impossible for you to counter.

    From the nature of the charges placed on his account I would guess that someone is buying phone cards and such for resale to other individuals. They buy a $20 phone card and then sell it to someone on the street for the $20 or maybe only $10. The people buying the cards think they are getting a deal only to perhaps find out later that the card was bought with stolen money or that it simply doesn't work because it was traced down and deactivated.

    Since the bank is already looking into the matter, they will advise him as to further action on his part. The bank may be able to recover the money, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Hopefully, the bank account info is all they got but, on the off chance it is not I would suggest that your father look into a credit monitoring service for a year or so. All three major credit reporting company's offer this service in various ways and for various prices.

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    Re: Please help! My dad had bank info stolen. need info,

    I spoke to him a little while ago, the bank recredited his funds to his new account. He doest ever use his debit card but has it for emergancy purposes. as of this morning there were only 2 new charges for .10 and when I try to access website google doesnt recognize it. My dad is so worried cause hes 75 retired and has/had the best credit history of anyone on the planet. The bank is telling him that they will total take care of it due to him being a customer for so long and that they think its a drug dealer who is using these calling cards to make their calls more untraceable. The small town we come from everyone knows everybody and if its someone from my town, I will go to jail for battery. If anyone else has any ideas on who, what or how this happend please let me know.

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