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    StarMaker Models and Talent a.k.a www.starsusa.com

    Here is another so called "Casting Company" that people who are new to ShowBiz need to heed.

    StarMaker Models and Talent a.k.a www.starsusa.com
    4801 East McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ
    (602) 685-0100

    When you walk into their office, everything you see will look like it is from the 80's. It is a smelly, dirty office located in downtown Phoenix.

    When you enter, you will be directed to the waiting room. You will meet with a guy named Steve, who will then do EVERYTHING he can to get you to either buy their professional photos or take their acting classes (he's worse than a car salesman). Then once you get their photos it is then an additional $250 to be listed in their database!

    This company is a definite disgrace!

    Even if you already have professional photos, they will not accept them.

    Know this! If you have professional photos, you don't need to pay a nominal fee again for some SCAM COMPANY to list you in their database. If this happens RUN PEOPLE!!

    StarMaker Models and Talent is a RIPOFF!

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    Re: StarMaker Models and Talent a.k.a www.starsusa.com

    I have heard many bad stories about this company as well.
    I am glad I found this post on this site.
    I was looking for information about Via Entertainment and saw this post.

    Thank God! I was going to make an appointment with them, now I will seek another company.

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    Re: StarMaker Models and Talent a.k.a www.starsusa.com

    Please remember folks - real agents get paid only when they find you work. A good agent will refer you to one or more photographers whose work they are familiar with, but they are not in the business of selling headshots. Same with acting lessons.

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    Re: StarMaker Models and Talent a.k.a www.starsusa.com

    That's most true!

    Here's the incredible thing. I go into StarMaker and am ambushed by this character Steve. He says to me, "Are you going to list your kids on our database?", I said, "Yeah, I can do that, they already have professional photos, you can just add them with their photos they have now." He says to me, "Oh no, you have to use OUR photographer, and then we can find them a $10,000 Walmart print project!" I about laughed my ass off when he told me that!

    First sign of a scam! Not accepting your already professional photos and saying you HAVE to use their photographer.
    Second sign: Yeah right, $10,000 for a Walmart Print Ad! I think not. If it sounds to good to be true people. It usually is!

    Not only that, I say to him, "Your not an agent. Your a Casting Agency." He replies, "What's the difference?"
    I couldn't believe my ears! This piece of garbage makes his living scamming people who are tryiing to get started in making thier dream come true.

    What a joke StarMaker Models and Talent are!

    Note: They ARE not an agent. They DO NOT represent you! They can be considered a Casting Agency. There is a big difference folks! Please do not be persuaded to giving this company your hard earned dollars! They are a definite RIP-OFF!
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    Re: StarMaker Models and Talent a.k.a www.starsusa.com

    Just found this on Phoenix Craigslist JUST today!

    StarMaker Models -- Is it a scam??

    Reply to: [email protected]
    Date: 2007-06-11, 11:17AM MST

    Can anyone share their experiences with StarMaker Models and Talent? (www.starsusa.com) I paid for their illustrious headshots (which were not very good) because the owner, Steve, promised me a modeling job soon after -- which I got, and it paid back about half of what I spent on the headshots. But I haven't had a job since (and it's been about 8 months). I've applied to every casting posted on the site, and I know I'm good looking enough to get them, so I'm questioning if he's actually submitting me for the jobs or not. Anyone else have this experience? Do you think I can ask for my money back? I'm sure the "contract" I signed doesn't allow for that however!

    Just be careful for signing up for this -- you may think it's legit because you get a gig right away, but then I'm thinking you'll never hear from them again.

    How can this guy be stopped??
    Another poor soul lost in the disception of StarMaker Models and Talent!

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    Re: StarMaker Models and Talent a.k.a www.starsusa

    Swimsuit Calendar Models (Arizona)

    Reply to: see below

    Date: 2009-03-09, 4:09PM MST

    Major International Airline Needs Swimsuit Models for 2010 Calendar

    Pays $400-500 per day

    If you, fit the requirements of the assignment and would like StarMaker to submit you for this paid print ad fill out the form at:


    • Location: Arizona
    • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
    • Compensation: $400 - $500- per day
    PostingID: 1067776432

    Starmaker is still out there folks. Preying on you to come into their office and pay them for photos or classes. I know this thread was started a long time ago but I just wanted to update everything for you.

    I just want everyone to realize that they WILL NOT submit you on a project like this unless you pay for THEIR photos and also pay to be put in their database. If you submit to them from the Craigslist ad they will then ask you come in to meet with them and tell you that you need to sign up on their database and will also tell you that you need new headshots that can only be done by their photographer.

    Smartest thing to do is walk out.

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